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Crisp and Clear



Soundcore’s™ excellent acoustic dampening creates an atmosphere free of wandering white noise and irritating echoes that compete with conversation. When fewer sounds are vying for clarity, it becomes much easier to immerse yourself in a conversation, and avoid distractions. Cutting out auditory interference also reduces stress from the over-stimulation caused by excessive background noise.

This chart demonstrates the NRC values of our acoustic fiber. An NRC value of 0 indicates total sound reflection (extreme echoes), while a value of 1 indicates total sound absorption (no reverberation). In order configure your project for optimal NRC, we invite you to speak with our architects as part of our design + build process.



Responsible Innovation

Our Acoustic Fiber is mindfully crafted with a dizzying array of features to ensure a lasting quality experience. Soundcore® is 100% VOC free (Volatile Organic Compound), which means from day one there will be zero odorous fumes, and zero air toxicity. It’s non-hygroscopic, which means it won’t trap humidity and stays clean and free of rot. It’s tackable, Class-A fire rated, and offers thermal and resonant insulation to build an inherently human habitat.

All of these check-boxes make up a surprisingly lightweight, soft-touch panel that we’re incredibly proud of. We’re excited to offer your space the same quality and peace of mind with our flexible, customizable Soundcore® solutions.


A Touch of Luxury

If you’re looking to elevate your project, we invite you to look over our line of PoshFelt™ products, featuring 100% wool felt for a lavish touch. This plush material evokes a sense of comfort and calm that delivers a uniquely human experience, creating a memorable environment that always feels like home. PoshFelt™ offers the same noise dampening features of Soundcore®, and comes in all the same applications, shapes and colors, but takes on a premium approach with its alluring tactile qualities. Our completely natural wool felt comes from sustainable, cruelty-free sources, so we can all rest assured the environmental bill doesn’t get passed along. For a more in-depth look at our PoshFelt™ product line, visit





Product Specification





Soundcore® acoustic fiber


Cumulus, Flap, Planar, Stencil, Tactio


Impact resistant, shock absorbent


Non deteriorating, colorfast, non-hygroscopic


Clean with vacuum or light dusting

Lead Time

1-2 Weeks


LEED® v4, VOC free, made from recycled content,100% recyclable, non-toxic, non-allergenic, anti-microbial


Per manufacturer’s instructions and varies by collection


0.45 - 0.90 NRC


ASTM E84 Class A