9 Tricks Of Smart Gym Setup To Make An Impression

Any physical activity, be it sports or gym workouts, have become an essential part of our lives these days. With the adulterated food available, pollution soaring it’s all-time high and lifestyles revolving around desktops, we’ve all been reduced to unhealthy beings. In the light of its importance these days, it’s no more confined to affluent families.

The interiors of the gym play a key role in retaining its members. When people come to the gym, it’s mostly that part of their day when they are tuning out from the outside world and concentrating on themselves and their health. This requires their time in the gym centers to be made positive and worth it.

Let’s discuss some useful ideas and tricks for setting up smart gyms to make an instant impression which lasts for long, for both indoors as well as outdoors.

Indoor Gym Ideas: These are commercial and recreational spaces which are generally versatile, multipurpose, flexible, and adaptable. The designs are such that it helps create a holistic experience.

1. Use Vibrant Colors for Walls: The colors of the walls should be such that the members instantly get energized and there is electricity in the atmosphere. Not many know that color creates psychological and physiological responses in our bodies, which in turn affects our workout sessions.

Red increases heart rate and breathing, yellow speed the metabolic process, whereas orange spreads cheerfulness and zeal around. However, factors like the size of the room and natural light should be considered before deciding on the color.

2. Lighting Arrangement: The gyms should always appear fairly lit. The ceiling should have distributed lighting arrangements, and it should never seem very glaring as most of the times the members are on their backs facing the ceiling. The light level should generally be in the range of 200-300 lx along with a uniformity ratio of 0.8.

3. Mirror & Music = Mandatory: These two Ms are literally a mandate for the gym. Mirrors these days are used more for selfies than what they are actually meant for in these specially designed spaces. The objective behind having one in the gymnasium is to get better focus, track your progress, and improve through it.

Music, on the other hand, energizes you during workouts and at times, also provides the much-required rhythm to your bodies. It makes the sessions fun and entertaining. It has an added advantage of creating a soothing effect and helps our mind and body align with each other.

4. Soundproofing: These days the gyms are full of sounds of pounding feet, loud Music, accompanied by the noise of treadmills and steppers. Apart from these, sounds from outdoors are also prominent and disturbing. One simple solution to this is soundproofing the gymnasium. There are multiple cost-effective and stylish ways of carrying this out.

Decorative acoustic ceiling tiles and wall panels have options in terms of sizes, patterns, and textures which look unique and classy too. Stratum wall tiles and noise blocking panels are useful too. In addition to these, there are other interesting options like free-standing sound-absorbing panels, which can be accommodated almost anywhere and make space look instantly classy.

5. Flooring: The two most crucial criteria for gym floors are its durability and anti-slippery format. Durable because it’s going to have to bear the weight of huge equipment and anti-slippery flooring because the safety of the members is equally important. Rubber flooring is quite popular in the gyms these days. They can either be used as roll-out mats or interlocking tilted mats.

6. Optimum Utilization of Available space: This is the golden rule for designing of the gym interiors. Refrain from cluttering the area and make sure it’s ventilated and airy for best results of the workouts. Smart storage solutions are gaining popularity for making areas look bigger than they are.

7. Art Attack: This is the best and a sure shot technique to make the gym space look unique, quirky, and thereby leave an impression. A wall could be dedicated to some inspirational fitness quote, murals, doodles, etc. It lifts the spirits of the space in totality and makes it appealing without much effort.

Outdoor Gym Ideas: Outdoor gyms are trending these days, and it could be a gymnasium by the pool or a gym amidst nature in the parks. They have a huge plus in terms of them being located in a natural environment, making it healthier for its members. Certain considerations are required to be made while setting it up.

1. Equipment: The preferred equipment should be outdoor weight lifting equipment which is specially designed and developed with a mechanism to support quality outdoor fitness. The finish is generally steel galvanized to prevent rusting and corrosion, making it all-weather friendly.

Another trending equipment is Street workout equipment. They are designed to be generally manually operated and make use of the equipment which is a part of the setup. Pull-ups, push-ups, squats, and dips can be easily carried out using it.

2. Ground Cover: For outdoor gymnasiums, it is even more important to have an anti-slippery surface as it’s exposed to rain. Apart from the indoor anti-slippery options, there are natural elements like paving stones that can be used. They are slip-resistant and give a solid and leveled surface for workouts.


The main idea of executing the tricks discussed above is to make people fit and energetic, feel relaxed, and get back the much-required balance in today’s unhealthy lifestyles. Going to the gymnasium is one of the best ways to release your stress and focus on yourself for a change. Also, it’s less likely that you will indulge in unhealthy eating habits after sweating it out in the gym.

Equipment can’t do that job alone, had that been the case, we wouldn’t have needed these dedicated spaces. It’s about the experience that you go back with which has so much to do with the design of the area.