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There is nothing like noise that can ruin your stay at a hotel. When all you want is some peace and rest to recharge yourselves, noise can be an annoying factor. Luxurious hotel rooms are not known for just their service and comfortable furniture but also the luxury of silence.

You will find that luxury hotels situated even in the middle of a bustling city flaunts this feature. How do they do this? While science has taught us everything about sound, it has given ideas to scientists to produce materials that can block noise. In a luxurious hotel, you will find that they make use of many such materials as part of the whole layout.

Curious about what exactly is providing the level of comfortable silence that is not found in most places? This article will take you through many noise reduction hacks that are used by high-class hotels across the world. Ways to soundproof already existing architectural units are also featured.

What Does the Framework Decide?

A lot of people are ignorant about the fact that the first steps of construction play a vital role in soundproofing the building. The flooring, type of material used in construction, the design, everything is connected with the amount of noise that percolates the building, in the future. The structure of windows, ventilation gaps, etc. also a part of this list.

Take a Look at the Flooring

We know that hardwood or plywood floors tend to creak. This is why concrete subfloors are found in newer hotels. This prevents sound transfer between levels. Luxury vinyl tiles and hardwood used on top of these levels does not help in dampening the noise at all. The subfloor has to be flat, secured properly, and sturdy enough.

This is why it is imperative to glue the material used on top of the subfloor properly with great care so that it becomes part of the floor’s structural integrity. Adding a substrate helps in isolating the sound in one place. Rubber and cork are the recommended materials as polystyrene materials degrade over time.

Luxury vinyl tiles are used in most of the five-star hotels because it acts a sound absorbent material due to the fact that it is quite soft. Underlayment is also applied to guarantee soundproof spaces.

Use of Decorative Sound Absorbing Wall Panels

The interior design of most luxurious hotels uses sound absorption panels on its walls and ceilings. They are useful in soundproofing walls by cutting down the noise inside space and also in stopping or minimizing the transfer of noise through the walls or ceilings. But what are sound absorption panels? They are acoustic panels used to filter the sound and is functional to reduce the noise and enhance the quality of the sound.

What about the windows?

The key to moderating the sound using windows lies in creating an airspace between panes of the glass. The width of each pane is also analyzed according to the locality and noise atmosphere. While three-eighths-inch laminated glass can dampen most substantial noises, five-eighths-inch laminated glass is required in areas where the noise of trains and jet engines are present.

Optimizing Doors for Noise Reduction

Since the largest opening on a wall is a door, it is quite useful to invest in soundproofing materials that can be used on doors even if you are remodeling the hotel or any space. Most luxurious hotels do not use doors which are of hollow-core construction, but instead uses expensive solid-core doors which are very effective in blocking sounds.

Taking Care of the Details

There are a lot of small details which make a huge difference that needs to be looked at and taken care of. One such detail is regarding the placement of television inside the room. Placing them on walls allows noise to easily enter another room even if sound blocking material is used on the walls. This can be easily solved by construction a platform on top of the wall and then fixing the TV on it.

Using Noise Reducing Curtains

It is important to try and implement many hacks to soundproof a room. Since curtains are the main component of interior décor in hotel rooms, the luxurious hotels make use of the curtains to minimize the noise in a room by intelligently investing on a tad expensive curtain fabric. The curtains are more useful for sound deadening application than actually blocking noise.

What fabric absorbs sound best?

A non-porous vinyl, leather, or acrylic-faced fabric will have the ability to reflect sound energy. This reduces the rate of effectiveness of the acoustic drapery. Therefore, a fabric that is known to soak up and absorb water or has a plush, velour surface must be chosen. Soundproof curtain room dividers are used in hotel suites with multiple rooms and children’s play area.

Soundproof foam and its benefits

Foam is used in the interiors of hotel rooms to provide a different outlook to the walls and make them look more interesting than dull and boring. Since it can be used on any surface, including doors, ceilings, and windows other than walls, using foam made of soundproofing material is a creative and intelligent technique used efficiently.

More about the Ceiling

While using decorative acoustic ceiling tiles is a popular and functional method used in luxurious hotels, what about old hotels who are trying to adopt methods of efficient noise reduction? Suspended ceiling with soundproofing insulation is the best answer to this question. We know that suspended ceilings are trendy and novel, and using acoustic ceiling pads or noise-reducing foam is a perfect method.


Noise has become a constant nuisance in many of our lives. Hence, providing customers with rooms that can help them cut out unwanted, annoying sounds is one way to ensure customer satisfaction. This is exactly why luxurious hotels are eager and ready to invest in noise reduction techniques that help them be unique and stand out in their customers’ memories.