How To Differentiate The Decor Of Your Restaurant

A strategy is all about differentiating your business from the others in the same market. If there is nothing unique that you are doing, then your business is sure to fail. Customers should be able to identify your brand from the others so that they can keep coming back to you.

Now, there could be many ways of separating your restaurant from the others, but here are a few ideas of glorifying your décor that can set it apart from the rest:

1. Have a concept

If you wish to have a typical restaurant with tables and chairs and available menu, then that could be like just any other fish in the sea. But having a theme or concept is necessary. This way you’d have something for your customers to identify you with.

What is the best brand when it comes to Coffee? Starbucks. What is the best sports car brand in the world? Ferrari. What is the most premium luxury watch brand? Rolex. All these brands have done something unique that has set them apart from their competition.

Thus, it would be nice for you to zero down on a theme that your restaurant would stand for and then ensure everything falls in place accordingly.

2. Pay attention to the furniture

If there is one thing, your customers most frequently stay in touch with. And this makes it even more vital for you to give it a thought.

First off, conduct primary research on what kind of furniture is available in the market that would suit your restaurant theme. Visit stores and look for yourself.

Everything right from modern acoustic panels, flooring, hanging ceiling, décor accessories to furniture, lighting, and music; apply strategic and creative thoughts to think on lines that can make your customers feel different.

If possible, draw your entire customer journey when they plan to visit your restaurant, which will give you a lot of touchpoints where you can focus more.

3. Ambiance has been a proven success in the past

The biggest misconception you might have about your customers is that visit your restaurant only to eat. Your dear visitors bear witness to a lot of other things, which together make your Ambience.

Thus, focus on the overall ambiance of your restaurant. Every minute detail needs special attention, which would later fetch your glory.

4. Have a Television / Big Screen arrangement

Customer engagement can bring in a lot of business for you. And a television installed on tv stand designer furniture or a big screen is essential.

You must host your visitors and give them access to popular TV shows, live sports match and other stuff that suit the theme and taste of your customers. This would engage the groups of people visiting you and give them scope for discussion.

5. Don’t forget the special touches

Your restaurant area is entirely accessible to your customers. And so, you might think of creating some special zones where your customers can feel special.

For example, suspending a mirror in front of a window can look very attractive. It would have your visitors spend more time in front of the mirror and thereby get a sense of being pampered.

You can even have live counters where expert chefs cook delicious delicacies and serve it right there to the customers. Have a pinnable fabric sheet for the wall where your visitors can write about their experiences and memories of your restaurant.

All these small experiences would add up to the big positive perception.

6. Cocoon them from the outside world

The last thing you want your customers to be is distracted while they are at your place. Soundproof insulation is a boon to filter outside noise from entering your restaurant area.

The best part of this would be that your visitors would have a warm cozy environment to themselves and their groups/partners.

You might wonder what could be the cost of soundproofing your restaurant?

This would depend on the size of your place. The usual cost incurred in soundproofing one room varies from $250 - $500 but the benefits enjoyed at far more than the money paid.

7. Last but not the least…Crockery and miscellaneous

Finally, when you think you have the perfect décor where everything seems very helpful and pleasant, your attention should move towards the crockery.

There are beautiful pieces of crockery sets available in the market. See for yourself and pick up items as per the theme of your restaurant. If you ignore this part of your restaurant décor, you will send all the other work down the drain.

An appropriate crockery décor is non-negotiable, and it must be duly paid attention to.

Apart from this, even the menu card, the way your staff dresses, the kind of behavior they exhibit, the outside of your restaurants; all impact the way your place is differentiated in the business market. So, make it a point to visit each one of these topics to think and decide on what would mean the best for your restaurant business.

The above 7 steps (if implemented) can change your game in the restaurant market. It can set your brand apart from the crowded market and give your customers something they would want to come back to you for.

Moreover, if you also wish to go beyond décor and add more pleasant experiences to your customer’s bucket you must put yourself in their shoes and think what they might expect out of an evening they spend at your place. You’d get a plethora of ideas on what you can do to add differentiating factors to your restaurant.

Overall, every restaurant strives to provide the best customer service but not every restaurant is successful. Thus, whatever you do, it should be done with all your heart and mind. It is easily visible to your customers, and they always appreciate the extra efforts put in for them to feel excellent.