The Dependable Cafe Decor Guide For DesignersCafes are wonderful hangout zones that were brought into existence for the better of mankind. They are uniquely decorated places that are not like restaurants and yet offer warmth and coziness through various themes.

If you have a café and are looking for a guide that can supply you some good décor ideas, read on:

Theme is Everything

There are a plethora of Café's out there competing for market share and customers satisfaction. What differs from café from another is their theme.

It is necessary to zero down on one philosophy that your café décor would stand for and revolve everything else around it.

For example: If your café theme is based on sports, you must have everything to go with sports. The furniture, the décor, the recreational options made available, etc. In short, whenever a customer thinks of a Sports café, yours should be the first name to pop in his/her mind.

Start with space planning

Space is no less than a resource. You would have limited space to build/design your café and therefore you must put in a lot of brains to manage your space.

Remember, the more space you can have without compromising your décor the higher would be your capacity to accommodate people. And it is only a myth that larger places attract more people.

Thus, plan your space well and then let your mind run wild about the designs to implement in the planned space.

Walls are more than just walls

The Walls of your café would literally speak to your customers. It is a strict no to ignore the walls because there is a lot that can be done with them.

For Example, pinnable fabric sheet for the wall can be installed that would allow your visitors to post notes/comments and feedback on your wall.

Similarly, there are a lot of creative wallpapers and 3D panels available in the market that can really make your wall stand out.

Think about decoration and not just plain café décor

Your customers would visit you to experience something different. And that does not come from just one part of your café. It must be the entire experience of the customer journey.

While you may have the option to go simple on your walls; you must invest in something more in lines with your theme such as custom printed acoustic panels. These are ways to personalize the experience of your visitors and in turn, gain their loyalty.

At this point you might want to stop and wonder, what are acoustic panels made of?

Acoustic panels are generally made from Class A-fire rated acoustic form and covered in perforated metal.

Think about soundproofing your café zone

People look at cafes as places where they can sit and have meaningful conversations. If your café offers a lot of disturbances, the entire purpose of your business would fail.
Instead, think about soundproofing. This would even allow you to play music inside and not disturb the outsiders. A lot of modern acoustic panels have come up these days that literally soundproof the entire area.

Why is soundproofing important?

There are plenty of reasons on why soundproofing is important the main ones are to not disturb the outsiders and still offer the insiders the kind of experience they deserve to have. There would be no exchange of sounds between the outside and inside of your café.

Furniture can make or break your business

The idea of having fantastic furniture isn't new. It has been known for years and therefore its significance well known. The formula is simple – The better your furniture, the more comfortable your visitors would feel and thus, the higher the amount of time they would spend at your café.

Something as simple as having a suspended mirror in front of a window can make a whole lot of difference. Women, like spending more time in front of mirrors and having one available at your café, would give them that option.

Similarly, such amazing furniture ideas can work wonders for your business. It is recommended that even this section of your café décor must be pampered with a lot of thoughtfulness.

Don't forget the recreational stuff

Although cafes are deemed to be places for having discussions, there are visitors who think of them as zones of recreation.

Many cafés offer board games, pool tables, large screen TVs placed on tv stand designer furniture, foosball, etc. And these simple components of your café décor can contribute heavily to your profits. After all, customer experience is one of the primary reasons why cafes exist.

Pay attention to the accessories

Not just your walls, floor, and furniture but your accessories also form a component of your overall themed café décor.

The food menu, table linen, tissues, crockery, hygiene, lighting, music, aroma – all these are segmented parts of your café. There must not be negligence towards any of these to ensure the best experience for your visitors.

Let's go out now

Your café approach road is something that the visitors might not spend much time in. But if it is thoughtfully crafted, the way to your café can already start making your visitors feel special.

For example, well-maintained grass areas, flora, outdoor lighting, and neatly laid pavements can help you form a very positive impression in the minds of your customers. Thus, ignoring your café outdoors can prove lethal for your business.


Overall, cafés are a blessing to mankind and they must flourish in the times to come. Also, the more creative you get with your café, the better it will get with time. Just stick to your theme and make everything else fall in place according to your theme.

Should you wish to revamp your café business, try out the 9 design ideas discussed above. You may also want to keep your mind completely unrestricted from creative thoughts and evaluate them for implementation in your café as and when they come.