10 Tricks To Design A Swanky Work From Home OfficeWho doesn't like the idea of working from home? In fact, a lot of professionals leave their full-time jobs to pursue the entrepreneurial spirit that can give them the flexibility to work from the comfort of their homes.

This calls for some thoughtfulness about how we should design an awesome work from home office. Here are 10 tricks you can get started with:

Start with the theme

Your home office would be the place where you must want to spend at least 10 hours of your day, every day. No wonder, the room should be designed with all creativity possible.

Decide on a theme that would help you with the kind of work you usually deal with. For example, if your job requires you to be creative, think out of the box and delivery unique something the theme of your room should also be likewise.

If your job is more about attending virtual meetings, talking to other people on the phone or skype, then your décor must be more corporate.

Let's Begin with the Chair

Even if you spend 10 hours of your day in the home office, the majority of these 10 hours would be spent sitting on your office chair.

Invest in a good ergonomic chair to ensure optimum comfort and support for the lower back. The last thing you'd want is to feel tired after a pleasant day's work from home.

Walls are more than just blank spaces

Since your home office walls surround you all the time, it is a good idea to pay some attention to the walls; think about how they can be made more special.

For example, decorative fabric wall panels serve an amazing alternative to boring wall paints. They lend your office a classy touch while also making you want to spend more time there.

Ensure enough lighting

Dark places are usually not considered suitable for work. They are dull, gloomy and hamper productivity. Instead, if your office is pampered with appropriate lighting it can work wonders. Moreover, lights are something that motivates you to do more of what you like.

There's absolutely no shortage of lighting décor these days. You'd find hanging lights, wall lamps, table lamps, floor lights, vanity lights, etc.

Cocoon yourself from outside noises

Distractions are a bane to office environments. You'd just not be able to focus if you have a variety of noises at your home and around. The idea of working from home is to remain at the comfort of your home but still be able to as productive as you'd have been in office.

So, think on lines that eliminate noises from the outside world. These days the all-weather soundproofing panels available in the market can be easily installed for your home office. Remember, such designer sound absorbing panels ought to make you feel special at the same time helping you concentrate better on your work.

You might also think about how much do sound absorbing panels cost?

Although the soundproofing of a room would fetch you far more benefits than what you spend, the typical cost of sound absorbing panels ranges from $150 - $250. This is just a onetime investment that would benefit you a lifetime.

Space Optimization is another secret

Obviously, the space inside your home office is limited. You must ensure the optimum utilization of that space and arrange everything for your ease of access.

Messed up environments are toxic. The spaces you have, the more are your chances of spilling your office. Keep it sharp, tidy and well managed.

Differentiate your Ceiling

It is your home office, a room that is supposed to make you feel that you are in an office environment. Work on your ceiling to isolate it from how the ceiling of the rest of your house. This way, once you are inside your home office room, you are in a completely different environment.

There are the likes of false ceilings, acoustic suspended ceiling tiles, and other crafty materials to give your ceiling a magical touch. After all, most of us look up while thinking!

Bring in inspirational stuff

Boring offices would bore you faster than you can ever imagine. Spending 10 hours or more in one room is not as easy as it sounds. So, many people believe in the philosophy of bringing in inspirational and motivational items to keep you going.

Some of the items you can consider keeping in your home office would be an idol of laughing buddha, wall hangings of inspirational paintings and thought of the day desk calendars. Even a suspended mirror in front of a window can mean well. These would constantly emit positivity in your surrounding thereby making you feel different.

Again, if you are wondering how much does a suspended mirror cost?

Depending on which variety you are going for, suspended mirrors can cost you anywhere between $60 to $180.

Keep the décor to a minimum

Too much of anything is bad, and Home office décor is no different. The more extravagantly you decorate your room, the higher are the chances of you getting distracted too.

Keep the concept of minimalism in your mind while ideating your office. You might fulfill your decorating desires for other parts of your house, but when it comes to your office room keep it simple and elegant.

Last but not the least…Have a good Wall Clock

"Time is money" – that's what they say in the work environment. Having a good, big wall clock always in front of your eyes would imbibe in you a sense of time, priority and management. It is literally imperative to own a classy looking clock and place it appropriately inside your home office.