Reasons Why Soundproofing Is A Must For Modern Offices And How To Do ItIn today's corporate culture, recruiting and retaining talent is quite a challenge for employers. Many factors are contributing to how the employers can work on the same, however, the most underestimated of them all is office designing and remodeling.

There is increasing awareness amongst the employers about how the office design has such a huge role to play in making the employees feel good about their work. We can't deny that more than often when we walk into the offices for an interview, we already know if we would like to work there. The "yes" or "no" here is largely determined by how you feel about the place and how peaceful it appears to you.

Let's evaluate why a noise free place is an absolute prerequisite for the modern offices these days.


These days more and more offices are coming ahead and encouraging work from home. This, in turn, increases the expectations; employees have of the environment in offices as they subconsciously compare it with the comfort and privacy they get at home. Hence, soundproofing really helps enhance privacy and allows the employees to work in their own terms.

Increased Concentration:

This particular factor dominates a lot of other factors including better time management and improved deliverables. Sound free office atmosphere can make this possible very easily. Work done with concentration requires less reworking and saves time.

Effective Communication:

Noise interferences while communicating in an office set up leads to confusion and misunderstanding which hampers effective communication. It prevents constructive talk and leads to poor quality of work which could have easily been avoided with soundproofing.

Confidentiality & Security:

There is a lot of confidential information that is prone to leakage if precautions are not taken. The information not only exists across hierarchies but also between third parties and the organization. For instance, while audit reviews, there is sensitive information out in the open which really demands protection and security.

Enhanced Quality of Work:

There is no doubt about the fact that soundproofing your offices will lead to enhanced quality of work in lesser time than otherwise. High sound levels often mess with human capabilities to recall and effective problem-solving. Noise causes annoyance, which can lead to frustration, stress, and anger which is something that completely needs to be avoided while working.

While we now know why soundproofing is a necessity in the modern offices, what we need to evaluate is how to do it in order to have a more conducive atmosphere for employees to work in.

How to soundproof your office?

Soundproofing is no more difficult these days with a wide variety of appealing options. Having them incorporated is an absolute prerequisite as we now understand from the discussion above as to how it can lead to increased efficiency and retaining of talent. Your immediate concern is how to carry out the execution. Let's briefly discuss the ways for making the offices soundproof.

Decorative Acoustic Ceiling Tiles for Soundproofing:

They are so much better than the ones which are plain and non-decorative. Apart from being affordable, they are also available in a variety of designs, patterns, and textures. They are noise absorbent and hence are hot items for soundproofing solutions.

Designer Acoustic Wall Panels:

These wall panels provide aesthetical soundproofing solutions as they always need not be utilitarian and unattractive. The variety in which it is available broadens the options of being accommodated almost anywhere.

DIY Panels:

This idea is perfect for people willing to spend less and uses their creativity. All you need is squares of plywood and some fabric preferably matching the d├ęcor so that it doesn't seem a misfit. The fabric and the plywood boards need to be stuck together and then be placed wherever required.

Floor Rugs:

While considering options for carpeting the office floors, you should always go for thicker ones over thin ones because they can act as noise absorbing equipment. There is a wide variety of designer options available here as well.

Free Standing Sound Absorbing Panels:

These products, unlike the ones discussed above, are easily moveable and can be taken to whichever place in need of soundproofing treatment. They enable effective and flexible soundproofing treatment in an adaptable format.

Furniture as noise barriers:

Adding bulky furniture is a definitive method of ensuring that your voices are well kept within your rooms. Moreover, other voices are not carried to your rooms. It could include couches or chairs against the walls or even bulky bookcases or shelves for that matter.

Covering/Preventing Cracks & Holes:

Many a time during the office remodeling process, there are cracks in the walls, doors, etc which allows both incoming and outgoing of the noise. Therefore, proper measures should be taken to refill them. Ensuring proper fitting of doors is also very essential for making the office soundproof.

Two important steps are required to be carried out before we implement any of the above. They are as follows:

Step 1 - Measure:

To have a better understanding of the products needed and the soundproofing treatment required to be carried out, you must first measure the office space in question. Measurement is required at two levels. First one, being the dimensions of the space and second being the sound/noise levels by using SPL i.e. Sound Pressure Levels. The latter measures the decibel in the space.

Step 2 - Record the STC (Sound Transmission Class):

This denotes the number of decibels that the products used in soundproofing treatment can reduce in the available space. This helps in the decision making of the materials to be used.

The challenges that the employees face these days at their work environment are already many, let excessive noise not be one of them. Soundproofing has been made so easy and handy these days with varied sound blocking products available. Make the best of them to make your office space the best place for employees to work in.