How To Reduce Impact Noises With SoundproofingIt can be a hotel room, conference room, or an office cabin, but impact noises do not just interfere with work, it does the same with fun. Especially for Commercial spaces that rent out office units, it is extremely important that each unit and subunit is soundproof, just to get rid of impact noises.

Short-term fix or a long term fix?

It may seem so, that the guests on the top floors of your hotel are having a party and it traveling through the walls can be normal, or conversation traveling from one room to another is just a temporary problem. Commercial spaces have to extremely professional for clients using their business. Get designer acoustic panels for each room and get it fixed for the long term, or the business might turn to a short term event.

Sorry, you don't get a temporary fix!

A temporary fix is never going to be the solution. Even though private spaces like apartments or condos that are rented out to individuals could benefit from that, a temporary fix for a commercial space, like a hospital, hotel or office is absolutely out of the question. These are spaces which are constantly in use to incur revenue. Using an audio seal barrier would be one of the cheapest options here. These seals create a mass, thereby creating a strong barrier to add density to the wall. This can also be used for floors and ceilings.

Blocking physical sounds

Physical sounds can make impact noises by traveling through the drywall. Isolation clips would be a great choice in this case. It works by isolating multiple layers of dry space, walls, ceilings, etc. thereby soundproofing it.

Identifying the impact space

You may have acknowledged the source of noise to be the studio office next to another unit, but that won't solve the problem. You need to identify the space which experiences the noise or through which it travels to the concerned unit. If it is a wall, you can easily get it fixed with sound blocking panels for walls. These panels cut out the noise very easily and fix the impact issues instantly.

Soundproofing and aesthetics

Just because you are soundproofing an area doesn't mean you can lower the aesthetic value of it. Multiple agencies choose to go for a cheaper fix just to cut down on the investment. If you are renting out space or have clients over at your business area, it is essential to keep up to the aesthetic sense and style of the area. Invest in patterned acoustic panels; they are not only efficient in reducing impact noises but also look great with the geometric patterns and colors. You need to ensure that the design you choose matches the code for your commercial space in terms of color and design.

Have it your own way!

For designing a space of your choice, you may have multiple ideas and it is important that the d├ęcor matches up with it. This means that you need to get a fix that can be customized to your choice. There are tons of soundproofing materials that can be customized, among these panels work best not merely because of the unlimited choices it provides, but also because of their ability to keep out impact noises. Custom acoustic panels are a boon for architects and interior designers. They come in different shapes, colors and designs. These are quite different from the other soundproofing fixes you get in the terms on the aspects of customization.

Seal it!

A lot of the impact noises are often created from slamming doors. This may go unnoticed some times, but its best to fix this as soon as possible. Acoustic seals are a great way to do this. Since this problem arises from lightweight doors, it may be an alternate suggestion to change the door, but instead, you can go for acoustic door seals.

Combination blankets for lowering impacts

Materials made from quilted fiberglass can also work as an alternative. These come with sound barriers septum which acts as the theory behind combination blankets. You can also use door seal kits. Many offices and commercial spaces use door seal kits just to keep slamming noises as low as possible and these work great for lightweight doors too.

Quick, easy fixes

For having a quick fix for the floor, there are multiple ways to tackle the issue at hand. Any carpet that comes with a thick underpad would reduce the impact noise. Considering that the floor above is the origin of the noise, you can either install floating flooring or install drywall that lies over resilient channels.

For music studios and loud workspace

Okay, it may happen so, that the office space environment is such, you cannot avoid soundproofing every room. This happens often in case of a music studio. For such a workplace it is best not to go for a temporary fix. It would be way more strategic to devise other ways like installing acoustic wall art panels for creative spaces or use a combination of metal studs, glass fiber batt insulation, and gypsum board. The later method is often used for ceilings and floors while the acoustic panels are mostly used for walls.

Isolation strips

As a complete alternate method, with a low budget, isolation strips are your best bet. This would help reduce the impact of noises quite a bit but not completely resolve the issue. So in case you are waiting for a long term solution which would take time and you want a temporary fix, isolation strips will do the job for now.