8 Undeniable Benefits Of Sound Absorbing MaterialSound pollution is the newest urban menace, affecting mankind in many aspects of daily life. Its omnipresent nature makes life uncomfortable, be it in the residential areas, offices, shopping malls, hotels, and so on, affecting many vital aspects such as communication, health, safety, privacy, etc.

Excessive noise can adversely affect our cognitive functions, listening capacity and even cause health issues like stress, headaches and speech intelligibility in children. Knowing these hazards, we definitely need to think of ways and means to reduce the noise in our surroundings.

While we have meager control on the outside world, we can massively reduce the impact indoors by using decorative sound absorbing materials on the walls and ceilings. There are a number of options available with interior designers to help you soundproof your rooms, while also decorating them, thereby beautifying your space, too. But how do these acoustic materials work? The logic is simple! They are made of core materials like mineral wool, foam or softwood bound and are compressed hard to make for a strong soundproofing system. When sound waves strike them, they quickly dissipate, thus killing the noise.

The science behind soundproofing works on a simple principle based on the nature of sound waves. They either get reflected or absorbed when they bounce onto a surface. When a surface is soundproofed, the sound waves that hit on it get absorbed and they convert into low-intensity heat energy. The right amount of balance between absorption and reflection gives you a perfect sound setting in your room.

A huge variety of soundproofing materials is easily available these days. You can choose from a plethora of exclusive options from acoustic wall panels to sound-absorbing curtains, to DIY soundproof panels. The benefits of using soundproofing materials will leave you overwhelmed for sure. Scroll down to find out more about their benefits.

#1. Reducing volume

Be it the conference room, a lobby space or the clubhouse, these types of places tend to be noisier than the rest because of having more number of people around at a given point of time. Using acoustic wall panels to decorate the interiors of these places can magically help reduce the volume of sound in the area. As a result, multiple conversations can carry on smoothly without much disturbance. Schools and hospitals can also opt for these soundproofing techniques to enhance working standards.

#2. Privacy

The best feature of soundproofing your house is that you no longer have to compromise on your privacy. It allows you to rest well by blocking noise from outside and also lets you make some noise or have a party, without letting you disturb your neighbors.

Sound absorbing curtains made from breathable fabrics are the latest innovation in the world of soundproofing. Besides homes, these can be a great addition to spas adding to their glamour quotient at the same time.

#3. Reducing echo and reverberation

The most commonly faced problem in large rooms with high ceilings is that of echo. An echo creates multiple wavelengths of retracting sound waves that interfere with the conversations in the room. Furniture, curtains, and rugs can contribute a little in preventing echo formation to a small extent, but these are not enough to accomplish the job, customized acoustic panels and wall tiles can be of great help.

#4. Improve sound quality

If you own a home theatre, you must install some indoor acoustic foam panels to give a maximum sound output of the best quality. These are also helpful when installing in music recording studios, libraries, conference rooms and meeting decks in offices.

#5. Avoid health related issues

A very common health problem nowadays is hearing impairment caused due to over-exposure to loud sounds above the normal levels. Soundproofing is an effective way of avoiding hearing loss problems. Apart from that, there are many other non-auditory health effects of sound such as sleep disturbance, stress, cognitive impairment, annoyance, and heart diseases.

#6. Greater productivity

Loud noises can tend to distract people easily and kill their productivity at the workplace and even at home. Effectively reducing the noise by getting in a good number of soundproofing curtain room dividers goes a long way in improving productivity and efficiency.

#7. Enhancing interpersonal conversations

Loud noises at common public places like restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals, gym, etc. can be a huge turn off for people who need to engage in conversations with others. Having freestanding acoustic panels in large open spaces can help absorb excessive sound waves and make the place less noisy and enjoyable. Well decorated panels also add to the decorative quotient of these places.

#8. Respecting the laws

Considering the increasingly negative impact of loud sounds on the general well-being of people, many countries around the world follow strict protocols that restrict noise above a certain demarked level. A normal human being can bear sound up to 120 decibels. Anything beyond this limit is considered as noise, and hence it is prohibited to cross the mark.

Noise can be effectively controlled at overcrowded places by using effective sound dampening materials as a part of the construction plan.


The cost of getting in sound absorbing materials into your spaces can be a little on the higher side, but looking at the enormous benefits it has to offer, one can definitely go for it. The risks posed to our health due to continuous exposure to loud sounds can be effectively eliminated with the help of these new age technologies. What's more, it also adds to the aesthetics of your living space and gives you enough options to customize designs to suit your unique tastes.

You can either hire a professional to help you get the desired look while also getting help in considering the amount of sound that needs to be controlled. There are a host of different available themes to choose from.

If you are a little more on the creative side, you can also try out DIY methods for installing sound panels. Check out the internet for some quirky ideas to explore from and transform your surroundings into a more peaceful and beautiful place!