Designing A Coworking Space Here Are 7 Decor Tips To Keep It Cool Yet Classy

In today’s fast-paced world, the office environment should foster collaboration and productivity. Therefore, it becomes necessary to design a coworking space that is innovative and delicate. You will be surprised to know that some of the most interesting coworking spaces feel more like loft parties or coffee shops. Old, cubicle-like office structures are now obsolete. Here are a few décor ideas for designing a truly innovative coworking area.

Make your workplace flexible

Your business requirements will grow to newer heights every day. Business requirements are continually changing, and hence it is important for your coworking place to be flexible. Setting it entirely in stone will make this process difficult and less economical.

Stackable chairs, tables on wheels, decorative acoustic wall panels and retractable walls mark a great beginning. Designing a flexible space also implies that you pay attention to electrical outlets. They must be quite frequent, whether you choose to hang it from a ceiling or plastered to a wall. The lighting must be set appropriately to match the mood of the occasion. You will want to dim them for a cocktail reception and brighten them during a grey winter afternoon.

Collision, community, and collaboration

Coworking exemplifies collaboration and community. But, merely putting people together in a large workplace will not guarantee healthy interaction. Anything from ‘coffee machine chat’ to making new acquaintances, finding a partner to listen to your ideas is what a successful workplace design should facilitate.

They say that a coworking space is often centered around a coffee machine. The area must be comfortable, perhaps with some bar stools and couch. Modern office ceiling tiles can be included for a stylish appearance. It will promote healthy discussions since people are bound to leave their desk and move to the communal area.

Open coworking space is another great area to consider. Here, the design idea becomes very crucial since there is a subtle balance between privacy and interaction. Large banquet style or round tables are perfect for both work and conversation sessions. Office partitions with a door can be used to provide more privacy to employees.

Mixed work environment

Most people dread going to the office because of stuffy cubicles, cramped office space with their dull, beige color. Technology has made the world around us smaller, and it has provided us with the flexibility to work from anyplace. Despite this flexibility, you must realize that there is a great value in being close to your colleagues. New interactions take place seamlessly, and your team is ever present to solve your troubles.

Most coworking places offer individual cubicles or open hot-desking areas, but, ponder on more interesting areas like bean-bagged lawn, roof terrace or an airport styled freestanding bookcase room divider in library and lounge. Consider casual places like a coffee shop, hotel lobby or private workspace bundled with the necessary amenities.

By including variety in your design ideas, people can retain their nomadic feeling or just enjoy their perfect working environment. Offering such variety can go a long way in boosting employee productivity. Numerous studies have suggested that different personalities are efficient and happy in varying working environments.

Meeting place

A space that can accommodate twenty people, but, being used only by two is not optimizing your coworking space. An ideal meeting place should not only be defined traditionally – a room with tables and chairs. It must also consider other forms like a couch, booth, decorative acoustic ceiling tiles or even a kitchen bar.

Size, formality, and privacy are the three most important considerations while designing a meeting place. Quite understandably, you will not be able to fit in all the combinations of these factors. You can, however, design rooms that have different levels of these factors incorporated in them.

Meeting room position is also very important. Consider the trajectory that your staff will have to take to reach the meeting room. Try to minimize long walks, especially through the private office areas. You will be surprised to know that lighting is not mandatory for the meeting room. Most times, you are there for a short duration and will need the lights to be turned off for a projector.


A normal work environment will have several companies within close proximity. This can pose a real problem when it comes to discussing the launch dates of your new product or even planning a secret x-Mas party. Privacy is the key to a successful design space.

Make sure that the glass or office walls are sufficiently soundproofed. If your coworking place is made mostly of glass, then, avoid covering up the entire surface area. Add some decals or frost to the glass that is ranging between 6 inches to 1ft above the height of the table surface.

Equip your working space with storage that can accommodate and bolt confidential documents. You can even add a fancy touch to your office by installing phone booths for personal conversations.

No place like home

Whether it is the hammock for a quick afternoon nap or a family room to unwind, a good office space design will add some life to the dull and monotonous workspace. People must realize that their office is a home away from home. It must be cozy, familiar, welcoming and personal. Such a design will make work and play synonymous with each other. You can add some fun features like rock climbing walls, adult-sized ball pond or floors with fire-fighters pole between them.

Have a good look at the thermostat

Consider getting some expert advice on the heating, cooling and lighting components of your workplace. Ensure that the thermostat is placed in an optimal location and is well hidden from the staff. Temperature wars are of great concern for not only the management but also for the users. Having an ideal temperature throughout the office space is very important since it impacts the productivity and overall health of the people around you.

You must get inspired to design the right workspace that brings comfort to people. With numerous design options to choose from, it is quite common to oversee important design elements. Excellent research and some self-inspiration can help you design chic coworking places that are appreciated by all.