8 Ways To Upgrade The Decor Of Your Stationery Shop

A visit to the store should always be appealing and enticing. Even though the digital age is taking over the conventional pen and paper, people still love all sorts of stationery items.

The store design and decor can not only impact the sales numbers, but it makes customers want to come back to your store every single time. Put your customers needs ahead while designing your store.

Here are 8 ideas on how to upgrade the decor for your stationery shop.

1. The store layout plays a significant role.

Make sure you work a lot on the store layout and how it might affect the customer experience. With a vast number of products to be displayed, a grid layout might be a good option. Arrange the products neatly. This avoids the cluttered look and helps the customer to find their needs quickly.

Spacing also needs to be taken care of. Customers like to have their personal space while shopping and don’t like the idea of brushing others while looking for a product. Make sure the paths are wide enough for people to pass over.

2. Work with the display units.

While choosing display units or shelves, opt for versatility. This way you can keep changing the stocks based on the season or if you run a promotional sale or clearance sale for outdated stocks. Having an easy to change display is not only cost-efficient but also boosts your sales.

You can be creative with displaying your products. You can color coordinate or product coordinate. You can also feature the product that is on high demand. Use strings for displaying greeting cards, which gives visibility and also acts as a new design tactic.

3. Make sure to have a great entrance.

A great store should have a grand entrance sign too. Digital signage is the best option, or if you want to incorporate your theme into your logo and have a good name display, that is also well and good. The exterior should match your interior theme.

4. Create a unique collection to match your personal style.

Even though there might be common features for many stationery stores, the way they handle their uniqueness makes them stand apart among their competitors. Have a central theme and make your collection unique.

Customized notebooks, theme-based stickers or handcrafted papers, the options are many. And when you incorporate your ideas into the products, they create an exclusive feel and customers will come back for it.

5. Lighting can be dealmaker or breaker.

A well lit-up store not only makes it bright and open but also helps customers decide with the colors of their products. Make sure your store has enough light in all areas. You can also highlight the current trending product with a display vignette. This not only interacts with the customers but also leads to increased sales.

6. Bright walls also help to uplift the look of the store.

Accent walls or bright colored walls tend to give the space a larger and open look. They not only help to highlight your product but also give a professional look for the store. And unlike other types of stores, stationery stores tend to be more silent and serene. The customers can have a great shopping experience with the peace prevailing in the store.

To make sure the customers have a great shopping experience, you can also use decorative acoustic wall panels. These decorative sound absorbing wall panels are not only stylish, but they give excellent noise reduction and calming feeling in the store.

7. Evolve.

Keep changing and give the store face-lift every now and then. This gives the customers that you are up to date and your products are on trend. This not gives them confidence about the products, but it also acts as a great way to refresh the store look.

And when they feel that you are evolving, customers tend to connect with your store more. Try seasonal decoration, or color match according to the climate. You could also run promotions based on the holidays.

8. Use your check out counter to display items.

Stationery products need not be purchased on a regular basis. Customers tend to walk in, when they are low or out of supply. And once they walk in the store, they tend to do a little more than intended to. Use this to your strength.

Display a lot of daily use items in almost all the sections like scissors or pens or something that can be combined with the main product. You can also display batteries along the rack that displays calculator or other digital items.

Use the check out counter to stock up smaller and regularly used items. When customer line up to the bill, they tend to do a lot of impulse buy during the wait time.


A stationery store is not a regular visiting store. But when they do, they have to keep coming back. These stylish organizing tactics not only ensures orderliness in your store but also adds to your customer retention.

Try these ideas in your store and feel the big change immediately.