10 Perfect Decor Hacks For A Bookstore

Books will always be man’s best friend. People will continue to read them even though they live in a near virtual world today. Therefore, it is imperative for the owner of a book store to keep abreast and beat the virtual competition.

Bookstore owners also need to be ahead of the online marketing option available to avid readers. They have to be one up in convenience and looks to allure customers to their stores. The bookstores have to be beckoning. Read on if you have one yourself.

1. Entrance

Local markets have sprung up everywhere. People frequent these in their free time, during leisure evenings, and at weekends. You have to be smart to catch them at any time. Therefore, it is important to have a welcoming and attractive entrance. Even if the shopper has no intention for shopping for a book, the entrance of the bookstore should be such that it draws it in.

Paint the door and window sills with bright colors. Keep the glass panels absolutely clean and smudge free. Shine the brass on the knobs and door handles. Hang a wind chime on the doorway to welcome visitors and announce their arrival.

Fix the signage prominently outside so that no one misses it. Place signboards on the streets on either side of the doorway to alert people about the store and new arrivals. Display varieties of books in the glass windows if you have them. Keep the display and entrance well lit. Place some beautiful colorful potted plants.

2. Display

Display the arrivals of new books inside the store too. Clean all display cupboards and shelves regularly. Keep them well organized with everything in place.

Prominently mark off the sections and fix large labels, even from the ceiling, for all to see. Place some ladders and stools at various places for people to reach out to the top shelves.

Fix lights on the shelves for easy display. Have a combination of open and closed bookshelves. Bring in a variety in colors and patterns in the designs of the shelves and cupboards.

Avoid a very tight array of books as it makes the client impatient if he has to struggle to pull out a book from a shelf to explore.

Place some newspaper and magazine displays. Hang important and trendy clippings from newspapers, artwork encouraging reading, benefits of reading, correct reading postures, etc.

3. Seating

People come to the bookstores to explore and then decide about what they want. Give them the comfort of sitting down near the shelves. Place low wooden stools, some bean bags, comfortable sofas, and armchairs to suit people of all ages. This also helps the elderly accompanying the young ones who want to shop. They won’t be in a hurry to leave the store which in turn will increase sales.

4. Acoustics

A bookstore can’t be a noisy place. It needs peace and quiet for the reader to explore the reading materials. Keep out unwanted outside sounds by using decorative acoustic panels to absorb sounds. Create an acoustic wall on one side. Display books on it too or make it a showpiece and hang a wall clock of any wall art painting own it.

Using sound absorbing panels for making bookshelves is a great idea. It adds to the acoustics health of the bookstore and also is an excellent display for the books. Try hanging sound-absorbing curtains on the windows. They look beautiful and add to the beauty of the bookstore as well.

Go in for a variety of sound absorbing wall panels which can take care of the problem of maintaining walls. All these panels are available in many patterns and designs. You can buy customized panels to suit your budget and choice. Easy to fix and remove at any time, they are low on maintenance and long term costs.

5. Lighting

Keep the bookstore well lit. You can’t expect people to read in the dim lights. This is not the area to compromise on costs. Hang some downlights. Place a few reading lamps near the seats. Fix small led bulbs inside cupboards and on back panels of shelves. A brightly lit store will always have more visitors and more sales.

6. Appearance

Keep the appearance pleasing, clean and dust free. Check for seepages and leakages. Take measure to prevent these; and if any are found, take immediate corrective steps. Clients don’t want to enter shops that have peeling paint and watermarks on the walls.

7. Themes and Décor

Choose a theme for your bookstore. Innovate it in the display and appearance. Hang some items that will go along. Display books that complement the theme. Match it with the festive seasons and other special occasions that will please the locals as well as the clientele. It could be Thanks Giving, New Years, Children’s’ Day, etc.

8. Special Celebrations

Celebrate special occasions in the bookstore and change the décor, inside and outside, accordingly. Call in some authors and arrange for Book Reading Sessions and Book Launches. Hang banners and other paraphernalia about the author and the work. Showcase the work in the New Arrival section. Allow the audience to take photographs and autographs.

9. Billing Counters

Have the billing counter at a prominent place. Keep lots of signposts which guide the customer. Place some flower arrangements on the counter. Display some small and fast selling stationery items, diaries, etc. in baskets and keep nearby. This increases last minute impromptu sales.

10. Space Management

Manage the space available cleverly. Make a small room look spacious with mirrors hanging at strategic places, sleek cabinets, and shelves, using light pastels for the walls and another décor. Leave enough space for prospective buyers to walk around.

Keep the looks contemporary, rustic, vintage, or futuristic as per locality and clientele. But, keep abreast and bring in a novelty from time to time to keep the footfalls coming into your book store.