Update The Decor Of Your Classroom To Inspire And Motivate The Students

Gone are the days of traditional classrooms with benches and desks along with a blackboard as maybe the only furniture in the classroom. The classrooms today have evolved vastly and are now a mini center of complete knowledge.

Parents today look for the vast infrastructure of the schools. They want all possible facilities for their children to be made available here. The children coming to school too need a lot of inspiration and motivation. Schools, thus, have to change the look and feel of the classrooms. Let’s see how to update the décor.

1. Ventilation and Lighting

Classrooms need to be well lit and well ventilated for children to sit in comfortably. This is one of the most important physiological needs of students. In fact, students who sit in such classrooms are most highly motivated to learn.

Therefore, I have plenty of lights in the room. The blackboard and the students’ seating should be bright and energetic. In case there are cupboards or shelves in the room displaying instructional ids, these should have sufficient lighting as well.

Have enough windows to allow maximum sunlight during the school timing. Hang appropriate and decorative curtains or blinds on the windows too. The pre-primary sections could have designs with cartoons, Disney characters, flowers, birds, etc. on them.

Make sure that the fans are working well and are noise free. Keep them well greased to avoid noisy disturbances. In case your budget allows and the weather demands, place air conditioners and air coolers too.

2. Acoustics

A school houses hundreds to thousands of children in the same building or adjoining buildings. Therefore, it is imperative that sound control measures be used so that all classes can run simultaneously without disturbance. This refers to both internal and external sounds. The classes will be noisy with children busy in learning activities. Yet, the nearby classes will need to be protected from unwanted sounds.

One of the best solutions to this problem is the use of sound absorbing panels. There are varieties of decorative acoustic panels that can be used inside the classrooms to buff the sounds. There is also a choice of sound-absorbing curtains. Hang them on the doors and windows and the students inside the rooms can study and learn in peace.

Are acoustic wall tiles useful too? Yes, these tiles work very well to absorb unwanted sounds. They also look beautiful and can be used in classrooms, common corridors and inside the washrooms of the schools. Due to their many patterns and designs, you can use them to set up theme classrooms as well.

These wall panels are available in numerous designs, patterns, and colors and thus can be used with any décor. They are easy to maintain as they can be simply wiped clean. It is cost effective to use such wall panels because they are very low on maintenance and durable. Fire retardant also varies in the markets today making it safe for the schools to use them.

A peaceful and undisturbed classroom is important for mental peace. It creates a stressful environment which is ideal for learning.

3. Furniture

The next need of the students to be motivated is to have good and comfortable furniture in the classroom. Buy customized furniture as per the level of the students. Round low tables are ideal for students on the nursery section. Since teamwork and collaboration are the need of the hour, and these tables promote team dynamics. The students of the primary grades too could have collaborative tables or at least colorful desks and chairs.

Keep sturdy and individual or paired desks for the higher sections. Take desks which have drawers or some storage space below the lid. Students find it very comfortable to keep their belongings in them. Arrange for lockers if there is space inside the classrooms. It will give more space on the desks to work, and there will be less fidgeting by the students.

Give a comfortable chair and a large working desk to the teacher too. The younger children love to go to the teacher’s table to work. They need that connect and are really motivated to work with the teacher. Place some foldable carpets or mobile for students to have enough space for doing activities.

Have a mini classroom library and a reading corner in the classroom. Place a baby bed for the toddlers to rest a while if needed. Have shelves and cupboards for keeping stationery and other requirements of a classroom.

4. Walls, Ceiling, and Flooring

Make the classrooms come alive for the students. Keep the walls neat and clean. Paint them in different designs, patterns, and colors. You could make murals with animal habitats, the ecosystem, the universe and the sky, gardens, sea life, Disney World, stories, rhymes, great images of inspirational leaders, and much more.

Students love bright and bold colors and designs on the walls. For the primary and pre-primary section, paint the lower side walls black, Students can use them for scribbling and practicing their work. Make sure to hang a large wall clock too.

Fix colorful, yet anti-skid tiles on the floors. Place some indoor plants if space and budget allow. Fix attractive false ceilings if possible. Use the ceiling for fixing light bulbs.

5. Educational Aids

No classroom is complete without sufficient and modern instructional aids. Hang lots of mobile hangers, stick hangers, or Cauldron mobiles from the ceilings. Fix enough display and notice boards in the classrooms. These can be used to display the students’ work as well as educational charts and images that teachers want to use for teaching. Place a cupboard or shelf for storing and displaying all these instructional tools.

Use these simple, yet effective décor hacks to upgrade the classrooms. You can be assured that students will love to come to school. They will learn to love their classroom and take good care of it too.