Revamp Your Hotel Decor On A Budget

The guests always fall for the ambiance, comfort, and little luxuries in a hotel. This makes the decoration important. You may feel shaky to revamp the hotel decor for fear of the cost involvement. But this is easier than you think, as the small details count most. This blog curates 15 tricks that the expert hoteliers follow for upgrading the decor. Read on for the details.

1. Upgrade the front desk

The hotel reception area has paramount importance. Make it clean and provide a comfortable sitting arrangement. Better zone out the sitting area with an area rug. Display signs to show that the guests are in the right place. Adorn with bright Lights and give them something to read. This will make the place appealing.

2. Improve with designer acoustic panels

Reducing the noise is vital for hotel rooms. The decorative sound absorbing wall panels are perfect for this. These are available as wall panels, divider screens, and ceiling tiles. Thus you can suit different uses with these feature-rich products.

You may use these custom acoustic panels anywhere in the hotel you like. Coming in a wide range of colors they can complement any decor theme. The modern acoustic panels do not need any demolition and are easy to install. It is a high plus point.

Made from quality acoustic fibers, the decorative acoustic wall panels can meet both form and functional demands. They turn the hotel into a clam and tranquil abode. They are impact resistant, shock absorbent, and free from harsh chemicals. Using them, you can create a unique identity for your hotel.

3. Do not forget the corridor

Hotel corridors are vital to creating an impression. Arrange bright lights in the corridor. This will reassure the guests. Layer the path with a vinyl mat and designer carpet. They will protect it from regular wear and tear and improve the look as well.

4. Create a jovial ambiance in the restaurant

Change the layout of the restaurant. Display the wine collection in a rack and make it bright. Also, make group sitting arrangements keeping a safe distance between the groups. This will develop a social environment and ensure privacy. Arrange designer stools for those who like to take drinks at the counter.

5. Make the bed comfortable

The bed is what the guests see first in a hotel room. Arrange a huge cushioned headboard. This will let the guests read or do some work in the bed. Have a quality mattress and large soft pillows. Mind that more is better for pillows. Pile up throw pillows for sprucing up the bed.

6. Change linens and towels

Linens are also vital for comfort perception. Use white or neutral color bed sheets and pillow covers. These will help to seduce the customers. Also, change the towels. Personalizing these is also a great idea. Embroider the logo of the hotel. It will jazz up the decoration.

7. Sooth with live plants

Live plants can add a lot of character to your hotel room. They draw the attention of the guests acting as an excellent focal point. Plenty of flowering plants and others are available. Pick one that does not need much maintenance. Install them in the room in decorated pots. They will create a welcoming ambiance in the room and uplift the decor.

8. Accent with local arts

Art pieces are great to give a shot to the decor. Focus on local arts. This could be anything from sculptures to paintings by the local artists. You can also include photos of the local sceneries. This will not cost you much but create a memorable experience.

9. Consider window treatments

Your hotel rooms must be having fabric curtains. Layer them with heavy velvet curtains. This will impart a luxurious look and block out the light. Hang them high over the windows. This will lift up the decor and ensure an undisturbed sleep. If your budget permits, you may opt for blackout curtains. The guests would love the arrangement.

10. Ensure softness under the feet

A loud thump on the hard floor in the morning irritates the guests most. Replace the existing carpet with a soft one. There is no need to go for the Persian variety. You may use a cotton carpet as well. This will add color and texture and improve the decoration.

11. Calm with color

The guests always prefer a relaxing ambiance in a hotel room. Lighter shades of blue and pink give a chick feel. You may also use beige, cream, and grey. These neutral colors build up a comforting environment. Also, paint the ceiling to upscale the decor.

12. Layer with lights

Layering with lights is a brilliant way to upgrade the hotel decor. Have ambient, accent and task lighting in the room. This will make your room multifunctional. You may also use chandeliers, pendants, and sconces whatever aligns with your decor theme.

13. Arrange in-room entertainment

Having a TV in the room is not enough. Provide Netflix access with TV. The present-day population wants to stream movies. Your guest would love to watch their favorite things while cuddling up in the bed.

14. Make it Tech savvy

The millennial cannot live without technology even for a minute. Provide the room with free Wi-Fi with full access to high-speed internet. This will let the guests do their work will relaxing in the comfort of the bed. They would fall for the arrangement.

15. Surprise with complimentary gifts

As a hotelier, you must take care of the guests’ needs. They may be arriving dog tired after a long journey. Arrange a free welcoming drink at the reception. This will immediately build up a strong connection. Also, keep some complimentary water bottles in the room freezer. Your guests will feel pampered.


The guests value their bucks and want a unique sojourn experience. The above tips can upgrade the hotel with a nice spin to the ambiance. These are easy to follow and do not thin out the wallet. They will improve your brand image and secure a loyal clientele.