9 Incredible Ways To Give Your Restaurant A Mexican Vibe

There is no better way to soothe people than good food. That is what makes restaurants an evergreen business. Every restaurant has its theme and décor. Be it in the middle of a busy street or a cozy corner of a silent beach, Mexican food is always a hot sell.

But is it just enough to have mouth-watering Mexican cuisines on the plate? A restaurant is known as much for its ambiance as for its food. Here are 9 fantastic décor ideas you can use to turn your restaurant into “mini” Mexico itself.

A crayon box

Mexican colors are a combination of rich shades and bubbly tones creating an animated look. Green, red, yellow, blue - name any favorite color, all can go in your walls. The moment your customers enter the restaurant, they get this warmth of festivity.

Decorative acoustic wall panels bring in a multitude of colors perfect for Mexican Aesthetics. They are completely customizable and fall in line with modern hospitality.

Hand-Woven rugs, mats, and curtains

Can anything be more complementary to dazzling walls but beautifully handmade rugs and mats? Give your dull tables a set of multi-colored mats and coasters. To add to it place hand-made rugs underneath each of your tables to brighten the floor. Let the air flow inside your restaurant with quaint curtains.

These will give your restaurant a much more inviting feel, and they come at an affordable cost.

An open kitchen

Nothing can satisfy your inquisitive customers more than have sneak-a-peek on how those exotic dishes are prepared. Customers can firsthand witness live-action, so much better than Mexican cooking shows on T.V.

Have a stand-up podium with clear glass and a comfy seating area for the visual treat. This shows that you are confident in your servings; you have experts who will bring Mexico on the plate. Let your regulars see the magic of Mexican Chili Peppers.

This is your basic key to communication where your cooks meet the mouths that will be munching on for the next few minutes.

A hat wall

Geometric figures of hexagon acoustic wall panel on the background and classic hats on it! Does it remind you of the famous “Godfather” movie? There is no one who does not relate Mexico with classic mafia hats and Godfather.

Give your wall a basic coating like grey or beige. Then get some multi-colored hats and fit them in. Instead of placing the hats in line, you can go totally random and be as impulsive with the hats can you wish to.

A hot Mexican Kitchen

Warm and spicy are not just images of food, but that of a typical Mexican kitchen. Adding the precise square boxes of acoustic wall panels is one of the simplest ways of giving the Mexico cue. Splash of solid contrasting colors like scarlet red and spinach green speaks of a bold choice.

Do not forget to repeat it across your kitchen elements like cabinets, drawers and front desk. His also means that the basic color of your kitchen walls needs to be extremely subtle.

Clay Chimineas, a traditional Mexican creation for more than 400 years now, is a must-have for your restaurant. Aesthetically, they are more appealing and will be a lovely accent for your kitchen. Its smokestack design keeps the kitchen smoke free too.

Music to the ears

It is always a desirable treat to have live musicians on board, swaying their art while your customers enjoy their meal. A single color stencil wall will keep the honor of the musical instruments.

Music is an essential part of Mexican culture, be it a celebration or eating habits. The traditional forms of Mexican music are filled with color and passion.

Musicians in traditional silver studded Charro, singing Mariachi with violins and classical guitar and of course “vihuela” is perfect for your day hours. For the purple haze of evenings, Ranchera music blended with modern music is perfect.

A motif for the floor

Like your Mexican wall tiles, the flooring needs to coupe up with the marathon of colors. The bigger and bolder the flooring patterns, the more Mexican it will look. Blue on Black works wonders, especially for a native Mexican look.

If you are a little shorthanded on a budget, do not worry. Instead of the entire floor, just the corners of your restaurant’s floor can embrace this style. Alternatively, you can use to pave the patterns on the center of your floor.

A Rustic guise

Countryside tables and chairs are what will pair up with your dining area. This will calm down all the colors around your restaurant. In fact, second-hand chairs and tables are ideal for a Mexican theme. Bring in some wooden coat/hat stands just to oomph the aura.

Throw in some brightly colored cushions for the comfort and hand painted crockery too. Your customers will doubly enjoy the heat of their meals.

To completely capture the soul of Mexico, use artifacts. You can show them off on walls, shelves, tables practically anywhere you want to. They can purely blend with a well-balanced décor.

A tropical touch

While the interior of the restaurant is all gaudy, an open courtyard will invite all the nature lovers. Almost every modern restaurant has outside seating, and your Mexican restaurant can completely run the race without losing the central touch.

With the celebration of light and color, a tropical style Mexican décor will usher the air flow. Natural materials like shells and pebbles, thatched bamboo roofs and etched wooden frames will create a home feeling. Hanging plants on porches just create an image of clean air.

The last words

For a perfect start, an additional tip would be to use the upper segments of your central area as storage cabinets. A distressed wooden look against your bright walls all around the restaurant will bring in admiration of your handiwork. Inside these cabinets, all your extra storage can warmly fit in.

Mexico is so vast that its cuisine range is just as wide. This is the reason why having a Mexican theme based is as important as having the right Menu on the table. Choose your chefs wisely, because people are entering a Mexican restaurant often come with a vivid picture in mind.