Seven Best Practices That Cafe Decor Experts Swear By

In early 19th century Europe, a café was a humble coffee-house serving coffee and simple snacks to tired travelers. A place for peasants and travelers to relax, enjoy a cup of the recently discovered coffee and unwind after a day of hard work.

Today a café is much more than a simple eatery or coffee-house; it is like a vista to the world. It’s a place where people meet, culture's converged, families, relax, and friends hang out together. A café is much more than a simple coffee-house; it is an ingredient of our lifestyle!

Are you an owner of an existing café? Are you thinking of setting up a new one? Is your café not bringing in clients? Are you thinking of redecorating your existing café?

The biggest challenge that you may be encountering is the décor of your dream-child! “Is the décor of my café good enough to keep bringing back clients? How do I set up a café that is different? How do I bring back the lost splendor? How do I get a new look for my café without spending too much money?”

Here are Café Décor Practices that have been recommended by experts from across the world. Whether you own a café in Yosemite National Park, a coffee-house in Times Square, a little bistro on The Strip in Vegas, or a small café on a nondescript highway in Montana, these recommendations are going to help you for sure!

1. Lighting:

Dynamic lighting options are widely recommended by designers to enhance the versatility of cafés. Decorative wall panels are used by experts to play with light textures and create effects to adjust to time, season and moods ingeniously.

By providing different day-time and night-time lighting, café owners can play with the mood of their clients. Light can also be adjusted to suit seasons. Cafés well known for their vibrant ambiance have been known to use red and yellow lighting hues to create warmth during the cold winters and soft-white light during harsh winters.

2. Acoustics:

Many times a café is known by the music it plays. How many times have you been lured inside a seemingly ubiquitous café by the sounds of your favorite singer emanating from within? It’s true that many clients keep coming back to a café to hear their preferred music while sipping their favorite coffee.

Whether it is Western classical, jazz, soft-rock, reggae, rap, country, techno or world music your café needs superior acoustics. Acoustic wall art panels or designer acoustic panels can be easily installed in existing cafés without any trouble. Along with enhancing the sound effect, these decorative sound absorbing wall panels provide sound absorption too. They may also be used to camouflage old wiring, piping or ducts.

3. Layout:

Change is the only constant in the world. Today’s generation is always on the lookout for “something new.” By changing the layout at regular intervals, the café will attract new customers and also appeal to the existing ones.

A lot of new-age cafés opt for a seamless layout between their exterior and interior seating to facilitate small parties and events. Café’s with great views of the mountains, city-skylines or turquoise oceans should set up a layout which offers these panoramic views. Retractable awning canopies or umbrellas may be utilized for creating an alfresco dining experience.

4. Display:

A cup of coffee and cake are like bread and butter. Products like croissants, sandwiches, cupcakes, pastries, donuts, salads muffins and bread require an excellent visual display.

Cafés with help-your-self counters encourage clients to buy these alluring goodies, raking in extra money. Who can resist that sumptuous strawberry cheesecake when it’s calling out to you from behind that glass-shelf?

5. Private spaces:

Many customers look for private areas in coffee shops. A café is not just a place to have a snack or coffee. It is a place to write thoughts, to cozy up with a beloved, to read a favorite book, to listen to music, to surf the internet or just to enjoy some “me-time”!

Experts recommend using different types of wall paneling to create small cubicles or private spaces within the café to provide private areas to customers. These wall paneling kits are easily available in stores and on online-portals and can be installed without professional help.

6. Little Nothings:

If you are looking for customers to keep coming to your café, experts suggest on providing your clients with little nothings. These little nothings cost practically nothing but go a long way in creating a regular clientele.

You may set up a little alcove in the café providing board-games, books, indoor football table, X-Box or Wii games, or a charging-booth for electronic devices.

A photo booth is also very popular in today’s age. Instagram and Facebook uploads of the café’s photo booth are sure to bring in a lot of potential clients. Clients who may not have heard about your café before but are now keen on exploring it after seeing social media posts!

7. Art or TV Screen Installations:

Experts recommend flexibility of space to cater to a vast category of clients. Professionals recommend installing adaptable fixtures to convert the café into an art gallery seamlessly.

Another popular suggestion is affixing temporary TV screen installations during popular sports events like World Cups, NBA, PGA Tour or similar events like Grammy awards or Oscars. Today’s generation likes to enjoy a sport with their families, gone are the day’s when men would gather around a TV in a bar!

Soundproof curtains may be used to ensure that excited shouts of fans don’t disturb the senior citizens in the other areas of the café.

The famous writer J.K. Rowling once said,” And the idea of just wandering off to a cafe with a notebook and writing and seeing where that takes me for a while is just bliss.”
Use our expert suggestions to transform your café into a sanctuary to discover or yourself, a hang-out place for friends, a reading room, or pure bliss for a renowned writer!