Best Ways To Avoid Echoes And Excessive Noise In Loud Restaurants

The excess noise levels are one of the most common restaurant complaints, which often leads to poor service. The sound in your restaurant can have an effect on a diner’s feeling about your restaurant to a very high degree. If it is noisy, distracting, and difficult to carry out a proper conversation in your establishment, people may leave the restaurant and may not make a return trip, even if they thoroughly love your food. Keep in mind that dining is not just about the food or the service it is about the complete experience. The solid materials and lack of insulation indicate that noise replicates and echoes. With a small number of diners, it may sound bustling and like a happening place, but once your restaurant gets packed, it is noisy and not in a superior way. Whether you need a key noise control to renovate in your establishment, or you just need some ideas to keep the noise distraction to a minimum, mentioned below are some of the tips that you can refer to

Fix wall panels

Wall panels covered with fabric or acoustic fabric wall covering are restaurant welcoming kinds of sound soaker which can assist lessen unnecessary noise. If you are not so sure about installing acoustic foam wall panels on the restaurant wall spaces, do not worry as these panels do not have to be old-fashioned or protrude like uncomfortable thumbs. You can easily make them suit your restaurant in numerous ways. The best way is to use a unique color, print, or fabric for the 3d acoustic wall panels which will complement your selected restaurant decor. You can also use painted textiles, which can twice as art objects exhibited on the walls. You can find that all of a sudden, those wall mounted acoustic panels offer form as well as function.

Use hanging baffles to reduce noise

Restaurants with one large room often have some of the largest problems with sound. That is for the reason that sounds have a propensity to come back in these large rooms. Noise absorbing baffles can reduce these reverberations. Baffles are simple to set up, and they do not look industrial, as well. Noise absorbing hanging baffles is available in an extensive range of multihued sound fabrics. You can as well opt for custom printed designs. This means it is easy to turn your restaurant ceiling into a masterpiece while creating a dining experience that is more pleasing to your customers.

Use carpet in high traffic areas

Even if you have a built-up, spare look all through your restaurant, think about installing carpet in some of the highest traffic areas of the establishment. Amazingly, this is not the dining room: as people are seated, the only movements are usually those of the servers. The high traffic areas will rely on the seating layout of your restaurant but are most possibly to include the waiting/lobby area, the area in front of the kitchen, the bar area, and by the restrooms. Even throw rugs or area carpets will assist absorb noise and silent some of the excess ambiances that may be disturbing for the diners from enjoying a chat with their cuisine.

Use tablecloths

The linens that you choose for your restaurant can have an impact on the sound levels in the restaurant. The tablecloths not only decrease the rattling sound of glassware and silverware on the table, but they can assist absorb noise from individual table conversations and offer a quieter space. Tablecloths can not only help to avoid echoes and excessive noise but can also create a friendly contrast to the interior.

Refrain from keeping loud machinery near the dining area

This may sound apparent, but do not place loud machinery by where your diners are enjoying their food. Place the most often used machines or pieces of equipment in such an area that they do not bother your clientele. This means you should not install the smoothie blender or espresso in heavy traffic or well-known area in your establishment. It will be disruptive and disturbing to your diners. You should keep the machinery placed away in the kitchen, or in an area where it will be least troublesome to your clientele chats.

Hang beautiful curtains

Curtains can help to soften the sound and decrease unwanted light in your restaurant to a great extent. While heavier drapes will have the largest influence, even thinner curtains will have an effect on the sound quality in the restaurant. Curtains can also be included in the aesthetic of the restaurant, and have the bonus of allowing you to pull the drapes when you shut for the evening for extra privacy during your non-business hours.

Research your heating and air conditioning options

Each time you switch on the AC, check if it clatter and buzz and make your customers divert from their conversations. On the other hand, check, when you turn on the heater, check if it makes bizarre sounds. In case it is then it is better to look for options that do not make sounds. At times the thermostat can also affect the quality of dining experience of the customers’. Finding out the quietest opportunities, and having high-quality heating and air conditioning units professionally installed may require a bit more time and a bit more of an upfront cost for the restaurant, but make sure that to offer your customers a dining experience that would not be burdened with the carping and buzzing sounds of your heat and cooling systems.


The level of noise in the restaurant can have a big consequence on the customer experience on the whole. By taking the time to lessen excess noise wherever you can, you are investing in creating the most excellent dining experience possible for your customers. When your customers depart happily, they are far more likely to make a comeback trip and to recommend your establishment to their friends. So be sure to keep the sound interruption to a minimum.