Smart Ways To Soundproof Your Teenager S Room To Avoid Being Rudely Awoken To Blaring Rock Music

Music is wonderful. But you will never realize how noisy it can be until you have a teenager in the home. They do not listen to the same music we listened to while growing up. They prefer high-pitched music with pounding sounds.

The problem is that you cannot squash their lifestyle, as you do not like it. Nor you can live a miserable life. The only solution is soundproofing the teenager’s room. This blog tells how you can do that.

1. Move the speakers away from the walls

The teenagers always place the speakers on the wall. This makes the reverberating sound flow through the walls into the adjoining rooms. Place the speakers away from the wall. This will prevent the outflow through the walls. But do not place the speakers on the floor instead. Make them floating by putting on a stand or a table. This will help to block the noise from going out.

2. Plug the gap under the door

The gap under the door is a significant source of sound going out of the room. Plugging such holes is vital for soundproofing. Get a seal kit and attach it to the bottom of the door. It will fill the gap and block the sound traveling through this gap. You may also plug the hole following DIY methods. You may attach a thick piece of foam or a rubber sheet to the bottom of the door. Or, you can lay a rug to seal the gap. This will also help to soundproof the room.

3. Make the door soundproof

Most of the apartment doors are hollow. As such, these become a weak barrier to block sound. The best idea is to replace it with a solid door. It will give you a permanent solution. If that is not possible, you may fix acoustic absorption foam on the back of the door. Made from acoustic fiber and felt, it will make the door soundproof. You can get these in many color choices. So, aesthetics will not be an issue. Better, involve your kid to pick the favorite shade.

4. Soundproof the windows

There is no need to go for double glass windows or soundproofing glass. Seal the edges of the windows with soundproofing caulk. Also, check if there is any gap or leakage. Seal those with caulk. As extra protection, you may install curtains with kid-inspiring designs. You are sure to get a nice soundproof environment in the teenager room.

5. Upgrade the Floor as well

Usually, the rooms have wood and tile floors. They add warmth and are easy to maintain. This makes them very popular. But these produce high echoes and score low in soundproofing. Cover the floor with a soft and thick wall-to-wall carpet. Or you can use vinyl coverings. Plenty of soundproof flooring materials are available. You may lay one to damp the noise.

6. Fight the noise with a bookshelf

The teenage is the serious years of study for setting the future. You kid will need books. Books happen to be very good sound absorber. Turn this feature to your advantage to make the teenager’s room soundproof. Build a bookcase against the common wall. Fill it up with books, periodicals, and other reading materials. Their soft surfaces and irregular shapes will act as a very good sound barrier.

7. Insulate the walls

Teenagers love to play music loud. This becomes louder due to the reflection of sounds from the walls. It leaks out through the walls making the adjacent room noisy. Cladding the walls with 3d acoustic wall panels is a great way to make the room soundproof.

These decorative acoustic panels use unique acoustic fabric, felt and wool for manufacturing. You can get them as modular tiles, panels, and coverings. There are many varieties. You may use any of the followings:

  • Planar
  • Bookcase
  • Plates
  • Slats
  • Fence

These are available in a wide range of colors and sizes. You may pick anything that suits your décor plan. In case you have anything special in mind, you can also get that. These are light in weight, and you can install them at ease.

These have a high noise reduction coefficient. It makes them great noise dampening substance. You can also improve their sound absorbing power with an improved installation. These are non-toxic, non-allergenic and do not contain any harsh chemicals. Moreover, these enjoy class ‘A’ fire rating as per ASTM E 84.

In view of all these attributes, these are the perfect choice for soundproofing.

8. Invest in the ceiling solutions

Like the walls, the ceiling also helps to cause echoes in the room. This becomes a nuisance when the teenage play rock music with high intensity. A large number of acoustic ceiling insulation is available. These are also made using acoustic fiber felt and wool to powerful noise dampening. They also add depth and drama to the room with their unique designs. The followings are the major variants.

Flaps Collection: This is a design-oriented ceiling baffle that can add character to the room. These are durable and can support the architecture of any place.

Cumulus Collection: This is an innovative suspended solution for the ceiling. Coming in a geometric shape, they can add character to the interior.

Gravity: This is sound absorbing foam. You can add it straight to the room ceiling. Available in a wide range of color, it can align with any interior.

Skies: These ceiling-mounted fabric panels come with unique designs. When light passes through this, it delivers an excellent overhead view. These also have high noise dampening power.

Strata: These decorative acoustic tiles are great for semi-finished and un-finished ceilings. These let you have powerful sound dampening with a fantastic ambiance.


The above ideas are affordable and easy to adapt to. They will build up a sonic barrier and confine the annoying music into the teenager’s room. This will also let your sanity to remain with you. Waste no more time. Install those and enjoy!