Acoustic Fabric Panels

Noise is a perennial problem in commercial establishments. Various studies conducted show that noise exacts a toll on everyone. Noise distraction makes people irritated and deteriorates performance and productivity. Poor acoustic conditions can also cause serious health issues. Here are 9 office décor upgrades with provides good acoustics

1. Soften up the floor and furniture

When sound travels, the hard surfaces bounce it back, and the soft surfaces absorb it. The floor of any commercial setting is a great source to cause noise disturbances. Hardwood and cement floors are the major culprits when these are not treated.

If the style and type of the commercial place permits, you may soften it up with soft wall-to-wall carpets. Try to get a thick one. This will be more effective. You may go for vinyl flooring when carpeting the floor is not possible. This will help to dampen the noise.

The soft and luxurious seating arrangement happens to be great decoration elements. It also helps to reduce the noise distraction. Include them, wherever possible, to make the commercial place calm and quiet.

2. Treat the walls

Embracing the walls decorative acoustic panels is the most effective acoustic treatment. These are available as modular tiles and wall panels. Planar, Sheer, and Slat collections fall in this category. Made form acoustic fiber and felt, they have high noise reduction coefficient. This feature makes them a powerful sound dampening option.

You can get them in a range of vivid colors. This helps to deliver an excellent decoration to the commercial place. These are non-toxic and non-allergenic. They are also free from harsh chemicals and enjoy class ‘A’ fire rating. As such, you can use them in any type of commercial settings.

3. Upgrade the ceiling

Do not ignore the ceiling. It is one of the main sources of noise disturbances. You can upgrade the ceiling with acoustic ceiling insulation and ceiling baffles. Create a false ceiling with sound absorbing ceiling tiles. This will also help to mitigate the echoing. Besides providing acoustic treatment, these overhead solutions also create an excellent focal point. This goes a long way in enhancing the interior.

The cumulus, Flaps, Tactio, Skies, Slab, etc work well for the ceiling. These premium quality sound absorption materials have 0.45 to 0.90 NRC. The best part of using these is that you can get them as per the need.

4. Use acoustic barriers to divide the space

Dividing a commercial space into distinct zones creates a sense of privacy. This also helps to build separate work zones. You can use the acoustic divider panels for this purpose. Stencil, Fence, Flyball, Solo collections are great for this. Made from high-quality acoustic fiber, they also help to mitigate the effect of noises. Coming in vibrant color options, these also help to take the décor aplomb to the next level.

5. Hanging solutions

You can use these custom acoustic panels in hallways, corridors, and other places you like. These ceiling to floor options contain special acoustic fiber and felt. This makes them a perfect noise dampening solution. They have a high noise reduction coefficient. You can improve efficiency by varying the installation process. Coming in a plethora of colors, they can match any décor theme. You can also get them in a variety of shapes to align your décor needs.

6. Apply sound buffering

Buffering noises with acoustic insulation improve the acoustics in the commercial interiors. You can fix them on chairs, tables, counters, furniture, etc. In case you have a hollow door in the setting, you may fix this on the door for soundproofing. Containing acoustic fiber and felt, these lightweight acoustic solutions offer powerful sound dampening. The Buffer, Shield, and mirror collections are some of the examples. They are available in a range of colors. You can also get them in any specific size and color to match your decor requirements.

7. Mask with white noise

This is a typical method of creating an appealing sound to mask the undesirable noise. The most common example is a fountain with a loud splash. These work great in the commercial spaces like the lawns and the hallways.

Plants also generate white noise. When the wind blows through bushes, it produces a typical whistling sound. You can build up a sonic wall and block the unwanted noise. Other than these you can also use white noise generating machines. They are great for the commercial indoors.

8. Live plants are the champion noise reducers

We know many things about plants. People have a strong mental connection with live plants. Their lush green presence makes people happy and comfortable. They become positive and many more things. But the live plants have the power to absorb sounds. They can also be used in many ways. Plant them on the along the freeways. It will help to prevent inward, and outward flows of sounds.

Plants are full of fibrous and flexible materials. The branches, leaves, and stems absorb sound. Plants with broad and thick leaves are the most effective due to their unique structure. The best part with plants is that you also install them in any commercial interior. They will beautify the place and give a high acoustic performance.

9. Take professional help for architectural noise control

Think about the airport. Is it possible to make reduce noise by using sound absorbing materials only? The answer is obvious ‘NO.’ You have to start from the architecture. In fact, architecture plays a vital role in sound dampening. Employing the right architectural design saves much on noise control later. The balconies, doors, windows, open spaces should be carefully designed for getting the best effect. Since this is a job of the pros, you must consult them for a fruitful result.


It is important that commercial places have to be beautiful and soothing. The above décor hacks are perfect to deliver that. Now that you know the details apply them in your commercial setting. They will make your place a sensory delight, and your business will roar.