Hanging Acoustic Panels

If you run a nightclub, you must have realized how difficult your job is. On the one hand, you are getting complaints filed by your neighbors for the loud noises continuing till the wee hours of the morning. And on the other hand, when you turn down the volume of the speakers, the party freaks became jittery.

If you can relate to the above scenario and find yourself in a dilemmatic situation then try out these hacks:

1. Soften the sound sources first

If it’s a nightclub, then the noise source you should be concerned about is speakers. If you like most others have installed speakers in the walls, then take your cue. Place them on the ground for now, and then consider the best location for those.

Moving the speakers wouldn’t prevent the noise erupting from your club, and you will have to think otherwise. You can use vibration pads which are designed to reduce the transference of sound through the floor.

Do you host many DJs throughout the week? If yes, then you can start to soften the sound sources by installing a limiter on the amplifier. This will ensure that whenever the sound acquires a high decibel, it would stop right away.

Note: although this might annoy some DJs as well partygoers you will have to do it to protect your license.

2. Soundproof the live stage

If your nightclub is renowned for hosting several unplugged concerts and live shows, then you will have to make your way to the stage to soundproof it. If you have to use a stage, then make sure to install absorption panels beneath it to reduce the resonance created by stages which are hollow.

If making this the noise isn’t completely gone then you have to stuff acoustic foam mat which will be able to suck out the vibration thereby reducing noise.

3. then start with the walls

If the walls of your nightclub are made of bricks or block work then luckily these wouldn’t let noise pass through them. Nightclubs walls are usually of high-density to stop sound from reaching the streets. In case the walls are thinner then you have two options:

  • Strip down the walls and the ceilings and then ask the contractor to build it from scratch using sound blocking materials. There is no shame in admitting that this option is inconvenient and might sound impossible as well. Because it is too much work and you have to shut the doors of your club for a few days, thereby hampering business.
  • If the walls are light, then you can make use of a high-quality acoustic fabric wall covering to absorb the sound and stop it from disturbing your neighbors. The acoustic fabric is available in a ton of shades, and eventually, you can find one which will complement the look of the decors.

4. Be on the lookout for the ways the noise is escaping

Anyone can tell that the noise is escaping from the doors and windows of your club. You might wonder that since your club is air-conditioned, all the windows are shut, then? The sound is air’s companion and if air can manage to creep in sound also can! So no matter your doors and windows are opened or closed it can still spill some noises in the neighborhood earning your ambushes in return:

  • For the doors: the doors of a nightclub should match the quality of a solid cored fiber door to stop sound leakage. Most of the times this isn’t sufficient to end the problem, and thus you might have to invest in acoustic door seals. These seals would be applied on the frames so that the top and the bottom of the door can be sealed without having any gaps in between. The main idea should be when the door would remain closed there shouldn’t be any cracks or gaps between it and the floors and as well as the ceilings.
  • For the windows: Another area of concern you also have to solve this problem area. Often single glazing isn’t potent enough to prevent sound leakage, and thus secondary glazing requires to be added. Or else you can also place a secondary window far away from the primary, although this might not look appealing.

You can search out for window inserts, in shops nearby or online. These generally made of glass or acrylic fiber are transparent in nature. Install this in the windows, and moreover, your staff wouldn’t be able to tell if there is anything added to the windows.

5. Doors of clubs remain open most of the time

Clubs live by the rule of welcoming guests with opened doors, so how can you shut it right? Also, most customers tend to forget to close the doors, and it might not be possible for dedicated staff to look after it. If this is the problem, then consider making amendments to the entrance of your club.

Install two doors, the main one and another with a considerable gap between. The doors should be installed in such a way so as to create a lobby space between them. Now even if the main door is kept open at all times, the inner door should be shut.

Tip: ensure that both the gates don’t remain opened at the same time, because that will put all your efforts into vain!

6. Investigate for holes, vents, duct ways

After successfully accomplishing the steps enlisted above, now is the time to look for holes, vents with a fine-toothed comb through which air can pass through. Now fill in the gaps with high-quality acoustic absorption foam to block the air passage, and voila you are done!

After following these easy tips, you wouldn’t have authorities knocking at the doors of your club at 3 in the morning. One last tip is to always invest in high-quality sound absorbers to effectuate the task.