Acoustical Ceiling Panels

Noise is one of the most widespread issues raised by employees working in corporate situations particularly in open office ideas where workers are located together in ample space with little to no partition. In case you have ever worked in the same kind of environment, then you know how diverting the continuous activity of a busy place of work can be. But a piercing workplace can be more than just an irritation. Multiple studies have shown that excess of noise in the office can reduce productivity badly and add to the stress, and at the same time, it can lower job satisfaction as well as employee morale. Mentioned below are some of the points that you can refer to reduce noise and promote productivity

Create a Noise-Proof Environment

When you talk about office design issues, the sound is perhaps the most significant. Researchers disclosed that exposure to long-drawn-out noise leads to severe health consequences. It is not surprising that numerous employees are pessimistically impacted by noise, and therefore his or her performance at work. On the other hand, few people work in open offices, and they carry out their tasks contentedly in the middle of chaos. In the end, it depends on the comfort level of the person and the environment that an employee works best in. So, when it comes to designing the office layout, you have to keep these things in mind:

  • Develop part areas for calm, collaborative and individual, noisy work.
  • You can provide noise cancellation headphones to employees too.
  • Always make sure that employees with the same kind of job responsibilities sit in the same place.


Begin With vigilant site selection and construction details

A compromised site selection, for instance, one situated near a busy airport, freeway, or industrial facility might not work in your favor. If noisy neighbors cannot be avoided, innovations, for instance, modern window glazing solutions and acoustic ceiling panels can control how much outside noise comes in the building. When attached directly to a ceiling or when used as acoustic ceiling tiles they help to absorb sound and offer efficient noise control. Provided in a vast range of designs, sizes, and materials, acoustic absorption panels are an effortless solution for enhancing the acoustical traits of any area. These soundproofing absorption panels manage noise control in small as well as large areas to keep sounds in balance. These ceiling panels act as barriers to obstruct sound from traveling to neighboring rooms and also as a means to decrease the noise in a room. Thus they help create a more pleasing environment, which is free of troublesome noise and echoes.

Include more plants into the office space

Properly placed plants have proven effectual in lessening noise levels in an open office setting. The larger the plant means the better the impact, not to mention the apparent aesthetic benefits and overall influence on air quality. You can also place the artificial plants, trees, and flowers as they offer an appealing look to space while reducing the noise. Ideally, the plants should be placed at the corners of the cabinet or beside the doorways as this will help in preventing people from tripping over.

Add Cubicles and Wall Partitions

Wall partitions and cubicles have assisted companies of all sizes to divide employees and decrease overall office noise. Even short wall dividers that do not entirely shut a person off have demonstrated effectual. And even as fashion may be deficient in some cubicle choices, there are in fact more up to date cubicle design options available on the market. You can look for wall partitions that are not only functional but also offer an aesthetic appeal to space.

Customize the Furniture to Control Noise in the Workplace

It is important to choose furniture that can contribute to office noise reduction. For instance, there are well-known brands that offer a wide-ranging selection of sound-numbing materials that can be fitted in into cubicle furniture in addition to the open benching and desking solutions. Several other vendors are also there who provide casual seating fixture answers that add in office noise manage machines, varying from confidentiality panels with inbuilt baffles to soft upholstery fabrics that assist absorb noise. Acoustic office furniture can be used to create private or social spaces within the modern open plan office. These furniture pieces help manage open-plan office noise issues effectively and creatively.

Get Innovative with Your Office Layout

One more way to decrease noise in an office space is to get creative with the overall office layout. For example, desks that are located close together in clusters assist classify noise, particularly when groups are separated by some of the sound friendly furniture. Even simpler, possibly some of the noisier office equipment can be located in a separate room away from employees.

Use Engineered Flooring and Carpets Systems for the best noise control

Carpets are helpful for reducing impact noises, for instance, heavy footfalls in the office. But, if you want your floors to manage noise from unnecessary office conversations, there is more you can do. At first, you can add an added mass element under the carpet to suck up the sound, for instance, solid foam panels, shredded rubber mats, or a cork subflooring material. If you want the appearance of tile or hardwood, but want to keep the noiseless, you can install the new engineered floors. These types of floors just lay over the floor structure beneath without utilizing fasteners, which can pass on sounds.


Workplace distractions cannot be eliminated but can be reduced by following these above mentioned simple tips. If you are looking for ways to assist you and your workers focus on the center of your business, then provide a noise-free environment as this will help to maximize their productivity. You can also check with the interior designers to know more about the innovative ways to block out the noise in the office space so that the productivity of your employees can improve.