Acoustical Ceiling Panels

The acoustics of the meeting room has to be checked and verified before any meeting. There are many ways to reduce the echoes and noise pollution that might happen in the meeting room. The person presents talks, and even the audience talk to clarify their doubts. The presentation will go smoothly if there are no bounces in the sound or voices. To make it possible in commercial places like offices, there are a few ways. You can take experts help or do it yourself.

Here is a guide on how to improve office meeting room acoustics:

Soft furniture

The hard surfaces and flat surfaces help in the reflection of sound waves. It is then the sound waves turn into echoes. They can also cause noise. It would be good to avoid hard surfaces either by eliminating them or by covering them. Soft furniture will help you to reduce hard surfaces of floor and walls. The sound waves are nor reflected rather absorbed depending on the cloth covering

Soft furniture is easily available in décor stores or furniture stores. They come at various prices. There are even used ones sold. For a start-up or a company which has a low budget for décor can take them. The softer the furniture is more absorption of noise or prevention of noise reflection is possible. This will help you to add furniture to the meeting room and also reduce high-frequency sounds.

Acoustic baffle panels

Baffles panels are the panels which are hung from a distance for decoration. Now, these baffles are available with acoustic nature. There are new acoustic baffle panels in the market. They are made of different layers. One of the layers in the middle portion is made for absorbing noise. The acoustic layer absorbs the bounces of the sounds. Add acoustic baffle panels to your office meeting room to make it acoustic. They will act as decors as well as the acoustics in your office meeting room.

Add rugs and cover cloths

The soft materials help a lot in preventing echoes and noise pollution. It would be great if it possible for you to add more soft cloths and coverings. The best idea to add soft cloths to the office meeting room is to add rugs and cover cloths. Rugs are sold in any mat stores in the commercial streets. If you want to save even on them, old clothes can be used for making rugs.

The cover cloths or coverings can be another addition for reducing noise. The chairs and table in the office meeting room require covers. Instead of plastic coverings use cloths’ cover. The surface of the cloth covers is softer than the plastic covers. So, add more of cloth covers to the furniture at your meeting room. There are even table and chair cloths manufactured especially for commercial spaces. So, without any hesitation add rugs and cover cloths in your office meeting room.

Acoustic art panels

Artworks always bring joy to anybody. There is nothing wrong in adding artistic works in an office meeting room. So, add some art panels which acoustic layer in them. The surface of the acoustic art panels is made for artwork. The artwork can be customized according to the theme or the design of your office meeting room. Many companies are selling acoustic art panels, which are specially made for commercial places. They will play the role of art panels externally and internally absorb noise.

Drop ceiling

The drop ceiling is a change that has to be made virtually to the structure of the meeting room. The lesser the height becomes lesser will be the echoes. Where is more surface area to reflect, it results in more echoes? Echoes will create confusions in the meeting room. So, drop ceiling will be an excellent idea for an office meeting room.

There professional experts who know how to do ceiling drop according to your office meeting room design and structure. There is also a temporary way to do drop ceiling. You can add some ceiling objects like ceiling panels, tiles or hangings, baffles to reduce the height of the ceiling apparently. But it is best to go with experts as they know how to handle particular conditions and what is suitable for your meeting room.

Acoustic mats

The mats are a need but unnoticed decors in the meeting rooms. If you do not like to add any kind of decorations, then acoustic mats are best. They help you to keep your meeting room professional. There are even designer acoustic mats, but if you don’t like them, plain acoustic mats are also available. They can actually be customized. You can also follow minimalism with the help of acoustic mats. They are comparatively low cost and are very efficient.

Curtains and drapes

Curtains and drapes are another soft surface decors which will reduce unwanted noise. The windows are usually covered in the meeting rooms. To make it more comfortable and minimize unnecessary sound waves. You can make them with the help of employees or can buy them if you have a budget. They are anyhow low in cost.

Acoustic door panels

The door of a meeting room is always made strong and appeal elegant. They are made so to keep them professional. Now, to make them more important, there are acoustic door panels manufactured. They will absorb noise from a larger surface area. The panels will be placed on the surface of the door making it easy for them to extract the high-frequency sound waves. It will be a great idea to include acoustic door panels for an acoustic effect in the meeting room.


Above is the guide on how to improve office meeting room acoustics. They are easy and understandable to anyone. You can implement them with the help of experts or do it yourself. As it is particularly for commercial spaces, you can involve employees too. You can implement all of them for a perfect office acoustic meeting room.