Acoustic Wall Panels

Passion for drinking and collecting good wine can be in various forms, and it can also be very addictive. The perfect cellars bring in the vision of pristine glasses kept in their shelves, with gleaming wood and some rough, unpolished stone. A cellar is typically loaded with wines which are older and are vintages such as Bordeaux, Champagne, Sauternes, Burgundy, and the Rhône reds. These are ready to be opened and are at their peak of drinkability. Wines have the ability to improve with age and are best when they are stored over some time. Some wine cellars offer mature wines which are brewed and made there and are directly available from the wineries.

Selecting the Right place

For starting a wine cellar, we do not need a big or a spacious place. Even a small loft or a country home can be converted into a wine cellar. Space would also determine the number of wine bottles that can be kept. The wine bottles are stacked up vertically in their custom specified cabinets. These cabinets are kept in the dark areas without any exposure to natural light, because the light rays when penetrating through the glass of wine bottles; change the chemical makeup of the wine. This is the reason why cool places like the basements or the lofts make an excellent place to store the wine and make for fantastic wine cellars.

The wine should be kept horizontally on the rack which the best way to guarantee it a longer life. It needs to be put horizontally so that the liquid is in touch with the cork, which prevents it from drying out. It should be kept in the dark because the sunlight will dissipate the wine molecules and make it liquid colorless and insipid. But there are many wines which need not be kept for a long time and can be had fresh. The different wines have different strengths and weaknesses. One needs to have total knowledge regarding them before filling up the cellars.

Controlled Temperature and Humidity

A wine cellar requires a good regulator unit for controlling the temperature as well as humidity. It is important to have a professional wine cellar cooling unit to control the temperature. These cannot be done simple air conditioners or a humidifier. The ideal temperature is 10 degrees Centigrade with humidity of 70 percent. It is best to keep a constant temperature between 15 degrees to 20 degrees.

We don’t have to keep the wine in a totally dry atmosphere, because little humidity can help to maintain the cork’s moisture content and its ability to seal at the top end of the bottle.

Custom built Cabinets

The wine cellars need to have custom built cabinets for storing the bottles. Generally one looks for wine cellars which efficient and handy and very functional. But some people prefer the cellars to be big with elaborately designed cabinets and additional place for putting in more accessories of decoration. The cellars should have acoustic absorbers so that they can absorb any external vibrations created by machinery or traffic. The acoustic soundproofing panels are best for these cabinets because the waves cause problems to wines which are being stored over some time. It would be a good idea to install best acoustic foam for soundproofing material. The racks are made of a mixture of wood and metal and also come in the form of modular racking. The acoustic frames help even to keep the strong smell away so that they do not get through the cork of the bottles and alter the taste of the wines.

The owners of wine cellars prefer to have granite countertops for displaying their wine bottles to the guests. It is important to explain to the designers on what the requirements are right for them to make custom built cabinets for storing the wine in the cellars. It is good to have offices with individual compartments so that they don’t need to be moved around too much.

Door for the Cellar

It is important to have the right door for a cellar because not only it should be impressive, but it helps to showcase the wine to the guests who come in to taste and buy the wine. If we think of glass doors for the cellar, then the glass should be of the good quality frame with a seal and should be thick to about 10 millimeters. The glass frames for the cabinets can be of fiberglass insulation panels which are very effective.


The lighting in the cellars should be according to the style of the cellar. Excessive lights will affect the temperature of the cellar as well. The cellar can be made jazzy by adding a chandelier or some recessed lighting. This makes the place look inviting and attractive for the people to walk in and select their wine bottles. The lights should be embedded in the wall ceiling panels with perforated acoustic ceiling panels to keep them from over lighting the cellars. Light bulbs may eventually fade labels of the wine bottles but since the glass is dark most low-level light will not cause harm to the wine.

Most of the wine collectors look to create a range of different wines according to their prices and age. The collection of wines on their shelves depends on the regions of wines, styles and the kind of vintages. They aim to keep building on blocks of a permanent collection so that there are even mixes of various wines that are ready to be had. The wines which are kept longer or have the extended shelf life are the main key to the cellar which makes it very flexible for them to explore diverse wines. Starting a wine cellar can be interesting and rewarding as well. For a lot of people, it is a passion that they delve in and enjoy creating a wine cellar and are passionate about the wine they keep.