Sound Absorbing Panels

Who does not like a cozy and comfortable room to relax and recharge after a long day at work? For many having a place, they call home is a privilege and they will do all the things they can to keep it comfortable, assuring and bring in the sense of security and safety. It has been a trend, and even a rented apartment house becomes your favorite if you have a great and comfortable stay in it.

No wonder then that making a room cozy and comfortable is on the top priority for many of us. But often we do not know where to start and most importantly how much to spend in order to achieve this goal.

Whichever room you choose to renovate or completely remodel it as per your taste of comfort and coziness, here are some general tips. While some may be specifically for the bedroom, others apply to any room in the house. Based on your level of comfort and preference, you can even customize these or add more of yours. In the end, it is all about what you define coziness and comfort as they appeal to your individual self.

Presenting eight ways that will help you make your room cozy and comfortable

Make white as the major color

When we see the white color, we naturally tend to relax, and the anxiety levels reduce. That’s why it is an important décor color in hospitals – to keep the patients calmest. No harm in applying the same principle to your home. Especially so for the bedroom where you tend to spend more than 10 hours (at least 8 hours sleeping and 2 hours in other stuff like reading, listening to music or sometimes even working). White is known to have the levels of melatonin regulated, and this ensures a sound sleep. Automatically making you ready for each coming day, refreshed and recharged because the bed and the room were comfortable and cozy.

Simple is the new cozy

Keeping as less furniture as possible can seem like a challenge because of the already cultivated habits of using particular furniture. But pretty soon you will realize that a minimalist approach makes you feel more fulfilled and comfortable. At first, it may sound like irony, but simple is the new cozy. Add some minimalist furniture to compliment the décor.

Good cushions for the bedroom as well as the sofa

If you have a hard mattress or a hard cushion sofa, replace both with a soft plush one that sinks deep when you sleep or sit on it. The comfortable feeling in the cold weather that wraps you around in a plush bed with soft furry blankets will make you super comfortable, any time of the day or night. This is especially true when you are back from a long tiring day at work. These help in better acoustics in the room. Have some acoustic sound absorbing wall panels as well to turn it into your favorite audio room.

The lights are the key

In any room, the right kind of lighting is the key to making that room a cozy, warm and comfortable one. Blue and tinges of indigo are known to be colors of the moonlight and depict softness, security and a sense of power. Have at least one lamp that emits a blue hue, and you will feel connected with this immediately. A warm orange is also helpful sometimes when you want to depict a warm and soothing feeling. So get these two types of lights in the room and if possible, get a controller to increase and decrease the intensity. This is very helpful – some appliances also allow you to control the lights via a mobile app. Keep your room ready with your preferred mood lighting even before you arrive home.

Accessorize as best as you can

A thick furry blanket and an equally thick and furry rug under your feet, the moment you get down from the bed will make it a soft and comfortable feeling. It is indeed something to put your tired feet after a long run on the weekend or a really tiring day at work. A little care to always keep it dry and clean as a rug can be the favorite breeding place for bacteria and fungus if it gets dirty or wet for whatever reason.

Scented candles are not just for the shelf

Go for those fragrant candles with high-quality wax and true essence of lavender or rose or any of your favorite aromas. To make a room really comfortable and cozy, light them up every evening. Do this regularly and it will become a daily habit and will help you get into a comfort zone very quickly each day.

Build it into a video room or a personal theatre

Choose the right lights for your room. Based on the other décor and the theme, choose appropriate sound absorption panels on the corners and walls. Mood lighting to make the ambiance as per the music can help make you want to come back to the room again and again. Make sure you check for any echo or sound distortion. You can even make use of an acoustic wall partition in the room to install your home theatre in one section with a comfortable chair, a thick carpet under your feet and a small refrigerator in the other to keep you cool on a hot summer day.

Keep the room clean

Cleaning has many positive effects. In certain Asian countries, cleaning or even sweeping and dusting is considered to be a service to the divine being and is also known as a therapeutic method to cleanse our inner self. How effective that is can be the topic of another blog, however keeping your room clean and tidy has lots of benefits. Right from keeping you healthy to make sure you find things when you need them in the right place, a clean and tidy room is something that will always welcome you every time you enter it.

Bonus tip: a clean and comfortable room always makes a good impression on any visitors or guests and speaks volumes about you and your lifestyle. Give them a good chance to see the best of everything.