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As the kids grow up, their demands go on changing, and the décor of their room needs an upgrade at various key stages in their lives.

Let’s look at the various stages and the supporting décor that will bring some style into the room along with many useful décor ideas.

Infants (0 to 2 years)

As infants, they are still trying to figure out what things around them are. So honestly, it does not matter if the wall colors are what you like them to be. As long as the overall ambiance in the room is comforting and soothing, they will be happy. Depending on where you stay, a warmer or a cooler may be needed. So you will have to make provision for the same. A good designer will hide the air conditioning unit or disguise it as something else so that the kids enjoy watching. For example, the room could have a theme of an undersea adventure and the AC could be disguised under a treasure chest.

Another idea for an infant room is to pick up a nursery rhyme and style the whole room décor according to that. Mary and the little lamb that follows her around everywhere can make for a great barn or farm theme. The chairs and tables can be fashioned like those in a barn, and the bed can have a feel of soft hay on which the mattress is laid out.

Toddlers (2 to 6 years)

This is an age when they are very curious about the things around them. These are the basic formation years during which the children are learning basics and need as much stimulus and support as they can get. Having a good room décor to aid this is a great idea. Those schools and day care centers have a specific style for furniture, wallpapers, and other accessories. That does not mean you should not replicate that at home. Having a child safe but colorful room goes a long way in helping them have lots of things around them to learn and internalize.

One good décor idea is the crossword theme. You can have the floor in the form of a crossword puzzle, and the walls can have prints of clues for across and down words in the crossword. This is also the age when the kids like a lot of free space to run around and play on the floor. Which essentially means you can have minimum furniture in the room and leave lots of open space for those play dates and stay over that other toddlers might want to have with you.

As the kids approach the higher limit of this age group they are growing and very quickly outgrow their stuff – especially the clothes, toys and other stuff. That favorite doll which was a must at bedtime finds itself on the top shelf of the wall storage. And newer stuff replaces it. So, make sure you do have a storage cupboard on one of the walls. Preferably it should not have doors so that the toys inside are within sight always. You never know when they might want any of the toys back. Believe us! That is very common.

The Pre-Teens (7 to 14 years)

These are serious years of study and can be foundational in setting the course for the future. Depending on the liking of the child, the room décor can vary. Those with a liking towards music have an option to style the entire room into a musical extravaganza. They may be learning to play one instrument of their choice, but that does not mean the room cannot have photos of other instruments and be styled as a performance stage or a concert hall. If you approve of having posters put up on the walls, allow the kids to find out the top performers or players of the instrument they are learning to play, and put up posters and photos of those stars in action. There is nothing like an inspirational photo of your star in the room to motivate you to do better each day.

These years are also the years of fascination towards the sky and the stars and the planets. A whole galaxy or the universe and space as the theme can adorn the walls and the ceiling of the kid's room. To compliment it and if you have the budgets, you can even style their desk and chair to look like the interior of a spacecraft. The kids will love it and so will some adults like us.

The young adult (15 to 18 years)

Tastes, likes, and dislikes have developed in these high school years. Depending on whether it is a girl’s or a boy’s room, the décor needs to be updated. Sports can be a good theme at this stage. Make sure the seating is comfortable, and the bed is the right size. Kids grow tall very fast in these years and that kids bed that you have kept in the room may no longer be long enough for your teenager to fit into. Check out regularly and replace or remodel as needed.

These years are always academically focused and have to be styled to include storage space, writing desks and small tables and seating arrangements to finish school projects, homework and many assignments. Give them a cupboard or two that is styled as per the room décor. If it’s a sports themed room, a cupboard that looks like a sports locker room cabinet on the outside is an excellent idea. From the inside, it can be just like a regular cupboard.

For those inclined towards music, you may want to give them some privacy and put up soundproof paneling on the walls so that their jamming sessions do not keep the whole neighborhood awake. Good quality wall paneling is available, and it can make the room look like a recording studio or an audio room. Even more inspiration to the kids as they pursue their career.

Beyond this age, the children are on their own to decide on their room interior and décor. Based on the budgets and their liking, it can change or stay as it is for the sake of memories of their teenage years.