Hanging Acoustic Panels

Home is where the heart is, and everyone wants their dream home to feel welcoming and comfortable while remaining charming to guests. So, to ensure that the house always remains as a welcome respite from the rest of the world, it is essential to upgrade it periodically to suit the changing seasons, tastes and fashions. But it is also vital to make sure that these upgrades don't burn a hole in your pocket.

Remaster the Bedroom

The bedroom is where anyone will flop down after a hard day's work outside. As such it should be inviting and calming. Invest in scented candles and mood lighting by using string lights to spread a more soothing aura around the house. Paint the room according to your tastes- use bold, bright colors for summers and muted colors for fall and winters.

Go for Classic Hardwood

There's something timeless about hardwood which brings out sophistication, warmth, and reliability. Hardwood floors come in many types, and it's important to pair them up with the right colors. A red oak hardwood goes well with other warm colors like apricot or yellow while cherry hardwood goes with a clean white or a cool blue color as it creates contrast. Hardwood floors also trap less dirt and are great for people who have dust allergies.

The Bathroom is due to a Boost

A bathroom may occupy a relatively small space in a house but remodeling it with new metallic fixtures, new flooring, light wood cabinets, shiny counter-tops, lighting, and a new tub will make it look like a place people would like to spend more time relaxing in. Opt for task lighting for the whole bathroom and use soft lighting near the tub, for when you want to lay back. If there is enough space in the room, then replace the shower curtains with sliding glass doors to make the bathroom look sleek.

Carry out Kitchen remodeling

The kitchen is the heart of any home. It's where people gather around to chat and catch up as they prepare food for the family. As a place of common gathering, it should be clean and sleek so that it is easier to operate and maneuver around it. For this, model upgrades like quartz or granite counter-tops, shaker cabinets or stainless steel should be used to make the kitchen picture perfect. Moreover, a modern kitchen will also easily bump up the price of the house if it's being sold.

Give a thought to your windows

Air streaming in from the windows as it blows the bright curtains around is the ideal mental image for many. Windows first and foremost should allow plenty of natural light and air to stream into the house, so that musty smells don't permeate in it. French windows are always a classic and will never go out of fashion, pairing those up with bamboo binds will infuse a rustic charm into space. Pair up regular windows with light and bright curtains of yellow and orange during the summers to make the rooms feel fresh. Paint the window sills white to go with the overall light theme. If the glass is getting discolored, foggy or has scratches then putting up a new one would be advisable.

Use felt walls

Using felt walls gives any home a major upgrade since they add depth to a normally bland and flat surface. It comes in a variety of styles and designs like felted tiles, acoustic felt panels and hanging felt panels. A custom felt wall panel could also be made according to your wishes and designs. Moreover, these felt panels aren't just restricted to walls, and there are felt ceiling tiles as well so that you can customize just the ceiling, unify the whole room under one theme or try out two different combinations. A budget way to get a separate room for yourself where you can relax while also maintaining some semblance of privacy is by using felt partitions.

Decorate the yard or patio

Summer or spring, a well-kept yard makes for great family gatherings. Customizing according to the seasons is optional, but yard furniture makes the area much more inviting and warm. Apart from putting out that grill, try adding some worn wood furniture coupled with bright throw pillows for summers. Use a rectangular table as the center of the patio or yard and surround it with benches. An off-white color for both would go well. You can also create a small relaxing/ reading nook on the patio by getting some crates and adding cushions on it to create a perfect little space of your own.

A coat of paint helps everywhere

Putting on a fresh coat is probably the cheapest and budget method to give the house a fresh and new feel to it. Apart from the cost effectiveness of it, there are infinite colors which you can use according to your changing tastes and seasons. Off-white is the go-to color for many, but the thing about paint is that it has to be paired up with matching furniture. If you have sleek, modern and aerodynamic furniture, then use the color metallic grey to go with it, especially if the furniture is in red or black. If the furniture is rustic and classic then going for shades of yellow would work well. As for beach houses full of wicker baskets, worn wooden furniture, and frayed ropes, shades of blue would compliment the home and the ocean well.

Open Your Floorplan

If you feel that your house is small then creating an open floor plan will help in elevating the space. Before going for it, it's better to consult a structural engineer. Then you can knock down the pass-through walls and rethink the house in an entirely new manner. You can also opt to keep it open and design in that structure to let in more light and breeze.

It's not always possible to go for expensive renovations, and neither is it necessary most of the time. A little polish and tightening can get things around the house in new condition without being too much of a burden on the wallet. A home should ultimately be a warm and safe place to be in, and all the decor upgrade, from painting to adding new fixtures should work towards making it.