Acoustic Wall Panels

A home of your own is a dream for many. The decorum of a new room is for its articulation. B in home décor are decided by consumer interaction and tracking newly changing interests. Marketing research is done for online and offline domains, to track consumer interest. If you want a home of your dreams, a house that looks trendy, try the décor ideas below. These are some of the best design formulas for 2019.

1. Going sustainable

One of the most important design trends for 2019 is the use of materials which are natural and eco-friendly. Recycling of paper and home scrap is a popular trend.

Before selecting, the client must ensure its sustainability quotient. Acoustic fiber used for wall paneling must be made of non-hazardous materials.

2. Art Decor

People are using their homes to exhibit a piece of art they adore. Your décor style reflects your artistic approach. You can have wallpapers with nature-based pictures. Else you can have your walls paneled with attractive design templates.

You can dress up your space with beautiful furniture items. Furniture styling is a dominant trend. You can select from among vintage furniture with ornate looks. Small furnishings using silver and chrome's is a style fab.

3. Statement ceilings

Ceilings are considered important elements are influencing home decor. Acoustic ceilings not only help in soundproofing but add an extra dimension with their novel designs. These add brightness to the ceilings. You can even have acoustic baffles to cover your ceilings, forming delightful sky-like ambiance.

4. Optimize space

Flexibility is an emerging trend with significant aesthetic and functional value. Flexible makes an RPL make the most out of vertical space by using ideas such as beds on platforms to create extra space or create shelves around door frames. Use multifunctional furnishing for your rooms. Such fantastic ideas are helping people cope with space-related constraints. People are emphasizing substance over style. Vertical space is being used to create a new effect. TV mounted on walls also save space while rendering a stylish look to the room.

5. Neutral Rug

Have a neutral rug helping the room look larger and contributing to neatness. Rugs are made of soft cushion-like material so that the person feels a soft layer down the feet.

6. Harmony

Spatial design is a must to arrange the things in a harmonized manner. Placement of every small to big items must be in an arranged manned. They must be in functional harmony. Acoustic dampening is an another must-have a feature to create a peaceful interior. Undue sonic distractions affect your working efficiency. In the next year, many new ideas.

7. Elevated hangers

It is a simple décor idea yet very effective. You are always Exolai preferable to hang your paintings or ceilings to create the impression of a larger room. Have paintings and curtains at high elevations.

8. Mirrors

Mirrors increase light availability inside a room through continued reflections. In spite of being used for years, this trend has yet not lost its charm. Position the mirrors strategically inside the room. One mirror placed opposite to the east facing windows does help in profuse reflection during the day.

9. Color interplay

Nowadays, people are more experimental with colors on their walls. The trend is expected to go unabated the coming year. New color shades like dramatic red and organic green are featuring in the new favorite list. Thankfully, acoustic panels are available in numerous color shades and patterns. Light fixtures too are available in miscellaneous and rare colors. During festive events people using alternating lights to create a scintillating show.

Matte black is increasingly being used in many places including floors to lighting fixtures. Black is a symbol of mystery or sensation. Violet boosts concentration. Yellow induces a feeling of energy in the observer’s mind.

10. Do it Yourself (DIY) ideas

IT has improved accessibility to technical information pertaining to the usability of acoustic products. People are getting more interested in Do it yourself ideas. Installing wall panels on their own is the new activity of pleasure. Have acoustic panels for walls. They mitigate the effects of unwanted or disturbing sound. Also, they add to the room decor. You can feel absorbed in the Using DIY ideas is budget friendly and gives you a sense of great delight. In the upcoming year, the popularity of DIY ideas is expected to increase.

11. Going green

Go green initiative is going strong. Green is a metaphor for healthy living and energy efficiency. People are using new color shades such as sage green. People are building energy friendly homes where natural light is in plethora. As more awareness about green living is being raised, going green will be the new year trend. Some iconic houses called energy plus homes run on captive power and generate energy beyond consumption.

12. Canopy beds

The fashion of canopy beds is an old one who recently got revived. You can find minimal canopy beds of various patterns and designs.


Home décor is a dynamic discipline, owing to technological breakthroughs and cultural revivals. You can scan through various trending designs in the market. You can apply an idea to change your home view from a conventional to a trendy one. One of the most trending ideas is sustainability. Recycling old stuff to create something new and functional is being practiced all over the world. People are taking an interest in displaying artistic flair even in things like furniture and curtains. People have revived earlier trends such as canopy beds. Statement ceilings are also a commanding trend. These provide depth and dimension to a room. Due to minimum space, space optimization ideas like wall attachments are also gaining hype. Another trend is to put a neutral rug on the floor for cushioning effect. Experimenting with colors is also an emerging trend. People like to do things on their own, courtesy the IT revolution. Going green is a trending style due to awareness of climatic imbalances.