Bumps Wall Panels

It takes mind and soul to build a dream house. In addition, you need strategies. Home décor designs must consider factors like space, layout, environment friendliness, acoustics, lighting arrangements, air circulation, etc. Make the year ahead delightful and inspiring with creative design resolutions. Before you draft a plan, ensure if you have the following goals in mind.

1. Go green

Green is not just a color, but a way of life. If you are planning a home décor, take this opportunity to introduce environment-friendly initiatives in your home design. Try to maximize the availability of natural light. Such an eco-friendly strategy can help you earn an energy star accreditation by building agencies. It also reduces electricity bills.

Design your home such that there is a plethora of fresh, natural breeze. Ensure that your design layout includes sufficient numbers of windows and ventilators for optimum cross ventilation. Have a garden near your entrance. Have east facing windows, to get blissful fresh air in the morning. Get absorbed in the sight of greenery as you open your windows in the morning. Cover your windows with roller shutters or curtains to modify incoming light intensity or air. Fresh air is highly motivating and energizing. Also, the availability of fresh air reduces dependence on air conditioning equipment.

2. Acoustic design

It is relevant to introduce soundproofing features in your home design. Acoustic dampening is the process of mitigating unwanted sonic disturbances. A room with acoustic efficiency enables better conversation between the members. A soundproof room with no external distractions is more productive. Install acoustic panels on your walls. These are installed easily. Acoustic panels are available in stylish designs and patterns. Printed versions of acoustic panels inspire the observer to think.

The presence of acoustic ceilings curbs unwanted sound reverberations inside the room. Acoustic wall panels are used to frame acoustic ceilings. These are available in interesting patterns and dimensions. Clients can order customized designs too. Have 2 to 3-inch gap between ceiling and the panel. You can add an extra dimension and touch of grandeur by installing acoustic baffles on your ceiling.

3. Add innovative features to your room

Your home décor shows your love for creativity and innovation. So while having a home décor plan, try to implement creative ideas. Your room represents your personality. So express yourself frankly. You can paint your dream space on your walls. You can add inspirational quotes. You can choose closets with new and upgraded features. You can add a smart look with light and portable furnishings. You can create a point of relaxation with a hanging chair or swing. With the help of colorful fake foliage, you can create focal points in your home. Besides that, you can introduce design features to mark dynamic climate changes.

4. Sustainability

Sustainability is the goal of one and all. Add sustainability ideas to your décor, considering both ecological and financial aspects. Ensure that the materials being used are durable and made of biodegradable materials. You can recycle your scrap and leftover to create decorative items. For instance, you can use leftover cotton sheets as acoustic fibers on your walls. You can turn waste piles of paper into décor items like paper butterflies or greeting cards. You can even turn plastic sheets into useful things like plastic sitting boxes.

5. Be naturalistic with choice of materials

It is a new trend in home design. Include natural materials like copper and granite as a part of room décor. Such products impart natural beauty to space. Their presence gives an organic touch to the room. Apart from that, it helps you feel a world of your inside, without getting perturbed by external distractions. Hence you can work better in your dream world.

6. Introduce positive vibes with colors

Colors impart magic and freshness to space. Every color has its charm. You can personalize your room walls with the color of your choice. Violet helps you in achieving better concentration and focus. Yellow makes you feel amiable and spirited. You can choose from various new shades like dramatic red, statement pink, organic green or ruby red. You can add the magic of colors to your rooms and porch with choice of wall paints, wallpapers, bed sheets, curtains, etc. For bringing in elegance, select color combinations wisely. You can add acoustic curtains to your windows. These mitigated extraneous sound from outside and also add a colorful vibrancy to your room.

7. Be neat and organized

It’s the simplest goal but the most difficult to achieve. Classifying home into separate sections is important. Have a reading room if you are a bibliophile. If you have a passion for music, have a separate music room. Placing things at their proper slots helps to keep things neatly arranged. So costs and efforts on maintenance are reduced. Also, you can plan inbuilt cabinets inside your walls to augment your storage capacity.

8. Adopt smart features and ideas

Have new gadgets to add the elegant and modernistic look to your rooms. Adopt flexible ideas to add a smart touch. For instance, you can have a center table with self-locking closets. You can have furniture which provides dual functions of bed as well as a recliner. Have advanced security amenities like alarms and closed-circuit television cameras to ensure your property stays safe.


Before you plan home décor, understand its purpose. Make goals in line with your statement. Mix your innovative ideas with trending tips to frame your home décor goals. Include environment-friendly initiatives in your design project. Arrange everything in predefined specific places only. Equip your room with sufficient soundproofing features. You can create acoustic ceilings with sound absorption panels. Sustainability is a very important home décor goal. You can recycle your scrap wisely and design decorative items for your home. Invest in smart furnishings with multiple utilities. Add a fashionable look with sophisticated appliances to your interiors. Introduce color variety through wall paints and color choices.