Acoustic Soundproofing Panels

Long working hours at the office to take a toll on the employees. Coupled with that is the time taken in commuting to and fro from the office. Desk jobs have also increased with the advancement of technology. Most things happen over the phones or through the internet facilities. Therefore, employees do spend most of the time either working on desks or traveling for work. It not only eats up the time but takes its toll on the physical and mental health. There is hardly any time to exercise before leaving for exercise or after reaching home from work. They get too tired to work out after working long hours at the office.

Thus, more and more offices are setting up the mini to significant gyms in the office for their employees. They too want the people to be physically and mentally fit. It is good for the productivity of the office. There will be less number of employees asking for leave due to ill health and doctor visits. You too can set up a gym at your office. Just keep in mind some of the factors below.

1. Space, Design, and Budget

The first thing that you need to do is identify the area in your office complex. This will help you decide how much to invest in setting it up and also the kind of equipment you can place there. Make a floor plan and design your gym. Spend the money to set up the gym, and you can safely ask the employees to pay a nominal amount for the use. This could be on daily, weekly, monthly, or annual changes.

2. Permission

Once you have made a plan and budget, seek the permission to set up a health club or gym at your office. Also, keep in mind whether you are putting up just a couple of basic machines for the employees to use during office hour breaks or is it a full-fledged gym which they can use just before or after office timing. Permissions should be taken accordingly.

3. Routine and payments

Permissions in hand, plan a routine for the use of the gym as well as for the best health benefit. This is according to various needs of employees like weight loss, bodybuilding, simple fitness routine, etc. Take the help of professional for planning this. You don’t want any failures and injuries after all.

4. Gym Trainer

Hire a gym trainer who can help your employees with their individual needs and training. He or she should be well qualified and with a license to train at gyms and health clubs. Your employees will thank you for this gesture.

5. Reception

Once these primary and initials steps are taken, do up the area that you have allotted. Make a reception area where a proper register is kept. This is also the log book so that you know who is using the gym and when. This will help to make out payment bills in case you are planning to charge your employees for using the gym facilities.

6. Ventilation

A good gym needs excellent ventilation. You can either go in for air conditioners; or fans or open windows for fresh air. You must do this to avoid cases of respiratory problems. Fix a couple of exhaust fans to remove body odors too.

7. Lights

A dimly lit room is no gym. It has to have bright lights for that open and motivating factor. Choose from a variety of decorative and other light fittings. Allow a lot of natural sunlight too.

8. Equipment

The kind of equipment and the number of pieces that you put in depends upon the size of the room and the type of gym you want. Even if it’s a simple workout room, it needs some basic equipment like cycles, cross trainers, walkers, twisters, stretchers, benches, weights, etc. Remember to place a weighing scale and a height recorder too. Hang a wall clock which is large enough for everyone to see and thus strategically placed. Keep a couple of yoga mats and other exercise mats too. Keep a few skipping ropes too.

9. Music

A good sound system, whether small or big, is essential. Everyone likes to exercise in the gym on the beat of the music playing. Have a TV monitor too if possible. It motivates people to work out. But, you have to take care of the sound going out to disturb others in the office and nearby offices and buildings too.

There are plenty of solutions like fixing room soundproofing panels and floor sound insulation. Learn how to soundproof a wall and then do up the walls with sound absorbing wall panels, sound absorbing wall tiles and fabric covered acoustic wall panels. You can also do up the ceiling with fabric ceiling panels. These panels are durable and easy to maintain. They look beautiful, and there are many designs that you can choose from. Further, they are safe to put as they are fire retardant too. You can customize them to suit your requirements.

10. Washrooms

Ideally, a gym should have attached washrooms for male and female employees. It should have a shower area and changing rooms. Additionally, there should be a bench or two to sit on and some shelves or lockers to keep their belongings. Lockers would be ideal as employees can leave behind their daily gym needs. Have some spare hand and bath towels if your budget allows.

11. Flooring

To avoid accidents in the gym, the floor tiles should be anti-skid. You can fix mats all over or in strategic places. Avoid loose rugs which will make people trip and fall.

Happy and healthy people who get such cool gyms to work put will always be motivated to work for you. They will come in fresh if they use it in the morning, and look forward to working out after office hours too. Having a gym at the office also makes the employees look forward to coming to office, especially if they do mechanical and routine wok every day.

Keeping your employees fit and they will do wonders for your work!