Acoustic Panels for Office

How to design a work-at-home office space? You may wonder why this question has popped up. The work environment of the world has changed since science and technology boomed. With the coming of the internet and smartphones, the way of work has drastically improved.

Let’s see how these work at home offices have sprung up.

  1. More and more companies are willing to let employees work from home. This helps them to save money on electricity, conveyances, rent per workstation, the internet changes, the huge telephone bills, etc.
  2. The number of startups and entrepreneurship has boomed in the recent past. And they are here to stay. People want to work and start their businesses, but want to cut costs on renting out or buying offices.
  3. Distances to the place of work are a big issue for many. It is not easy to find a job near your home or vice versa. Thus, employees look for work from home options. It saves on travel expenses and precious time as well.
  4. The flexibility of timings is the greatest attraction for work-at-home office space.

Now that you can see that work at home office spaces is needed, you need to set up one at your home and do it up too.

There are some components of an office that you need to keep in mind while setting up one in your house.

  • Space Design

First of all, list out the items that your office will need. See the floor area and the room or rooms that you can afford to use up in your house for your office. Make a list of accessories like furniture, home sounds insulation solutions like acoustic wall panels, machines, and gadgets, electric fittings, ventilation, etc. Look at some ideas from magazines and pictures as well. If you believe in it, go in for a Vaastu compliant entrance. Budget it out.

  •  Privacy

Whenever you set up an office at home, make sure that you have some privacy in that room. Keep separate entrances to your home and your office. You don’t want strangers entering your personal space and also the family members having easy access to your office. If there is no provision for a separate entrance, then try acoustic wall panels home studio options to demarcate that office area. There are also options for decorative wall panels to make your area private.

  • Reception Area

If space permits, then have at least a nook for the visitors to come in and sit. They may have to wait to see you sometimes. You may also keep a secretary, so you need space for him or her. If there is no extra room, you can always place some acoustic fiberglass panels or some acoustic partition panels and mark off the reception area.

  • Furniture

The amount of furniture depends on the space with you. But, you will need a study or worktable, a comfortable chair for you, some cabinets or drawers for storage of materials and other office supplies. You may also need a table to place the printer or fax machine or maybe even a shredder.

  • Internet Connectivity

Set up the latest internet services with good speed. It helps to finish work quickly and productively. If you are working from home, then you may need to connect to remote locations as well. So, don’t compromise on the connectivity.

  • Office Machinery

Buy only the bare minimum of machines like a printer, fax machine, Photostat machine, paper shredder, etc. Keep some supply of basic stationery like paper, stapler, and pins, scissors, scales, adhesive materials, envelopes, etc.

  • Telephone connection

You may need a fixed landline instrument depending upon the nature of your work. Keep it n a smart telephone stool or hang a wall unit on the panels that you have fitted in.

  • Electric Fittings

Fix the electric wires so that they are hidden and not in the open. Keep them behind acoustic felt wall panels. Try to fix a CCTV camera for security as well.

  • Interior Décor

Try to keep the office space looking neat and clean. If you have clients coming to meet you, they will get put off with any dirty and dusty area. Do up the décor with decorative sound absorbing panels or acoustic panel design. Decorate these panels and the other walls of your office at home with noise reducing wall hangings. These will look attractive and also keep unwanted sounds at bay.

  • Ventilation

Make your office space comfortable and well ventilated. A stuffy place under the stairs or the attic won’t do wonders for your work productivity. Go in for air conditioners or at least pedestal fans apart from the ceiling fan. Try to have windows that can be opened to air the room and also bring in the fresh air and natural sunlight. It will save on your light bills too.

  • Sound Proofing

Your office at home needs to be soundproof. This works both ways: sounds from your office disturbing your family as well sounds from your homecoming into the office. There are wonderful and durable solutions available for this. You can try hanging beautiful acoustic curtains, fixing acoustic sound absorbing wall panels, fabric covered acoustic wall panels, or acoustic wall panels for offices. Go in for a dual purpose solution of keeping the décor pretty and keeping the office sound proof with decorative acoustic ceiling panels on the ceilings.

One of the other advantages of these panels is that they are long lasting and durable. Additionally, they are fire resistant. Maintenance is very easy and simple. Simply wipe them with a clean dry or wet cloth as they are water resistant too. See their sheen remain for years. There is no need to paint or varnish them either.

Try putting in these ideas into practice. Make a comfortable, self-sufficient and attractive work from home office space. You will enjoy coming out of your personal space in your house and go to this private den of yours. Work undisturbed and also have the freedom to go home for hot meals and short breaks!