Acoustic Fabric Panels

Hotels are all about having loyal customers. But making a hotel delightful to the guests is quite challenging. People stay in a hotel for business or pleasure, and they start forming impressions immediately after entering. Here are some simple décor changes that can cast a memorable impression on the guests. Read on.

1. Improve the check-in area

This is the first place that the guests see as they walk in. Define the sitting area with a colorful rug and have a comfortable sitting arrangement. The guests are likely to be exhausted after long travel, so arrange some welcome drink for them.

Although they will be waiting here for a few minutes only, offer them something to read. Design the reception desk creatively and adorn it with seasonal flowers to make it a beautiful focal point.

Including charging stations and free Wi-Fi, zone uplifts the place. Also, play soft tunes. This will help the guests to relax.

2. Use neutral paints

Guests prefer warm and inviting hotel interiors after a long trip. Revamp the walls with neutral paints. Colors affect everyone one psychologically, and there is no single solution that fits all.

But, neutral color shades suit people of all age groups, and no one gets tired of them. So, painting the walls with neutral tones offers a safe option.

They also highlight the furnishing and textures and make them live. Thus, you can play with accessories to get a welcoming interior.

3. Have a bed that suits lying and sitting

Hotel rooms are not for passing the nights only. The guests must be able to fulfill multiple activities in the rooms. They may need to work on their laptops or may like to read in the bed. Arrange a headboard with the bed to do such things.

This will also make a nice décor statement. Better have a cushioned headboard so that the guests can sit comfortably.

If there is no headboard, add cushion to the wall in the headboard area. This will create an excellent focal point and uplift the room.

4. Change the room layout

Modern travelers always look for something new when the search hotels online. Changing the room layout is an affordable way to upgrade a hotel interior.

Do not hesitate to get out of the traditional concepts. So, make the place more inviting by rearranging the furniture. It does not cost you anything, except thinking out-of-the-box; but makes the interior stand out.

Maybe the sofas and chairs are placed against the same wall. Try to relocate these in the middle or against the window. This will improve the flow of furniture in the room, and make special sitting arrangements.

5. Provide in-room entertainment with Netflix

Quality in-room entertainment upgrades a hotel room. Netflix has dramatically changed the in-room entertainment culture. Imagine how it likes to watch the favorite shows and movies cuddling up in the bed. The millennial guests prefer to stream movies on the Netflix. So, provide Netflix access on the TV to make their stay memorable.

6. Layer the bedding

While the guests always look for comfortable beds, the linens also influence their perception t of the hotel. These are the first things that a guest notices after entering the hotel room.

Use neutral or white linens. This makes the room look clean and bright. Also, use a plush blanket for the comfort of the guest.

You may also opt for triple sheeting to improve the room. Put the blanket between two sheets, and this will make a remarkable difference in the room décor. There should also be cozy pillows.

7. Consider the window treatment

The best hotel is that where you can sleep defying the early morning light. Only a good window treatment can let you do that. Adorn the room with layers of curtains to make it completely dark.

8. Create a personalized experience

All hotels provide beautiful rooms with comfortable beds and excellent menus. This is quite normal and does not make a hotel memorable. Adding a personal touch goes a long way to influence the perception of the guests.

You can greet them with a welcoming note in their name when the guests arrive first. This shows your culture and creates an excellent impression. Alternatively, you may also arrange a ‘Thank you’ note on the last day of their stay.

9. Offer something complimentary

Give your guests something complimentary. It could be anything starting from a bottle of water to a yoga mat. Usually, the hotels offer toothpaste, shampoo, and conditioner. These hardly make any impact on the guest.

So, you must try to do something different. Guests often forget to pack things like socks and chargers. You may offer these to create a memorable hotel experience.

10. Decorate with acoustic art panels

Adding 3D art panels to the hotel interior makes it attractive. These are available in Flap collection, planar collection, Cumulus collection, Stencil collection, and Tactio collection. Available in a wide array of colors, these ensure the best sound insulation besides making the interior stunningly beautiful.

These trendy décor elements immediately turn a dull and boring environment into a place to marvel at. Whether you want to cover the walls, ceiling, or create soundproof dividers, the acoustic absorption panels are the best.

Made from 100% recyclable materials, the 3d acoustic wall panels are environment-friendly. As these are free from VOC and class, ‘A’ fire rated they are also safe to use. These are washable and can be maintained easily.

These noise dampening panels come in geometrical shapes and are surprisingly light in weight. You can place these products on any surface. These can also be customized based on the requirements of the hotel. You can also print the logo of the hotel for creating a beautiful view and enhance the guest experience.


Hotels are homes away from home. So, those have to be cozy and comfy. These unique design ideas are suitable for hotels of all types. Implement these affordable ideas. It will deliver an unforgettable sojourn experience to the gusts and build a loyal clientele.