3d Wall Panels

It is essential that the employees deliver their best for organizational growth. But, productivity can never be achieved accidentally. This makes motivating the employees a vital issue.

The question is how to do that?

Pay package is not the only thing that makes people motivated. Making the workplace functional and creating a positive work environment also matters. Here are some tips for making the workplace more productive.

Have functional equipment

The present-day offices are loaded with computers, projectors, and varieties of other equipment. Mind that defective equipment is a total waste and causes employee irritation. So, the malfunctioning equipment should be repaired or replaced.

Ensure that the internet connection is fast and is compatible with massive data usage. The other communication modes like telephones and faxes should also be working smoothly.

Create a collaborative space

Ditch all hierarchal sitting arrangement and have activity-based sitting arrangement instead. When people sit together, they develop a sense of togetherness. So, let the employees sit in an open floor. If your organization is large, create different sitting zones for different departments or activities.

There should be no barriers between different zones except the free space for navigation. For small offices, you may have all departments in one place. This cuts down the decision-making process and increases productivity.

Adequate lighting is a must

Modern offices are full of monitors and projection screens. If your workspace has insufficient light, that is sure to create a stressful environment. This is sure to make the employees fatigued and irritated. At the same time, harsh glares should also be avoided.

Try to harvest as much natural light as possible. It makes one more productive. Additionally, provide the floor space with diffused lighting for creating a soothing ambiance. Also, arrange task based lighting where it is necessary.

Ergonomics enhances productivity

You have to make the employees comfortable to get the best. Following ergonomics principles in the workspace makes the employees happy. Introducing ergonomic chairs and tables in the office is a great design hack for increasing the productivity.

Ergonomic chairs help to sit in the right posture. Thus, these minimize the body strain, and the employees can do their job more easily and comfortably. Using ergonomic furniture, you can place the computer screen at or just below the eye level for better vision and performance.

Improve air quality

Air quality is a common problem in a majority of the workplaces. Some factors like contaminated space to poor ventilation may be responsible for this. When people can breathe fresh air, it improves the cognitive abilities. They can think clearly and turn good performers. So, arrange to install air filters in enhancing the quality of air. This will no doubt make the employees more productive.

Provide thermal comfort

Working becomes a struggle if the workplace is either too hot or too cold. Whether the employees are thermally comfortable is a matter of perception. There is no single solution to this, as it varies between genders and individuals as well.

Studies conducted suggest that workplace temperature between 69.8°F to 71.6°F (or 21°C to 22°C) increases productivity. This has become the general industry practice. Airflow and humidity also contribute to thermal comfort. Controlling these will make the employees more productive.

Create a breakout area

Providing comfort cannot alone enhance productivity if the employees cannot relax. Create a breakout zone with recliners and couches. They employees can sit here and share common issues. Such informal brainstorming helps to solve many problems easily.

You can also have some reading materials there. These should be light-reading and have no connection with the work or organization. Depending on the space and the budget, you may include a gym for the employees.

Colors provide the right balance

Colors affect everyone psychologically. These influence the brain function as well. Choosing the right colors can have a dramatic impact on productivity. In case you want a calm ambiance, blue is the right choice for you.

If you like to make your workplace more energetic with increased alertness, use red, orange and yellow. As too much of everything is bad, use a good balance of shades for the best effect. Better paint different activity zones with different colors.

Make the place aromatic

Majority of the workplaces have smells of coffee and the photocopier toner. These turn people crazy and decrease their efficiency. Using aromas is an effective way to enhance the mood and productivity.

You may try pine, cinnamon, lavender, peppermint, jasmine, rosemary, and any citrus scent. Just pour the essential oils in an air diffuser and switch it on. Using a signature scent also improves the office ambiance.

Reduce the noise level

Noise distracts everyone. It also puts one under stress and reduces the ability to focus on the task. Controlling noise is, therefore, the most important issue in office design. Blocking the external sounds and dampening the internal sounds are essential for productivity enhancement. 3d acoustic wall panels provide a brilliant solution to create a peaceful work environment.

You can get these office wall panels in five collections.

  • Flap
  • Planar
  • Cumulus
  • Stencil
  • Tactio

Having 0.45 to 0.90 NCR, these noise dampening panels can deliver a calm workplace environment free from auditory distractions. Since each collection is available in 45+ colors, you can design the office the way you like.

The Flap collection provides the right solution for acoustic baffle panels for the ceiling. The modular tiles of the planar collection entail maximum noise dampening. When you require suspended solution for noise reduction, the cumulus collection is the best. And, the stencil collection builds incredible divider screens.

These acoustic wall panels for offices are free from VOC and is 100% recyclable, and these are environment-friendly. Using these you get a durable solution fire-safe decorative solution.


A well-designed workplace is aesthetically pleasing. It also communicates the culture of the organization and makes the employees happy and comfortable. It does not matter if you have a large or small office. These ideas are sure to make it productive and increase the bottom line.