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Are you planning on remodeling your cafeteria? Do you wish to bring about some changes in the overall vibe of the place so that your cafeteria will turn out to be everyone’s favorite? Well, then you have come to the right place. We have a list of tips and suggestions for you that can help you transform your cafeteria from the simpleton one that it is to a happening and favorite hot hangout. Here’s everything you need to know:

Games Should Be Made Available For Your Customers

The whole point of a cafeteria is that it needs to be lively, fun, loud and happening. A quiet and lifeless cafeteria is no fun. To make your cafeteria one of the most happening ones in the city, you need to provide your customers with games, entertainment and more. Keep a rack filled with board games like Twister, Monopoly, Tic Tac Toe, Scrabble in your cafeteria.

Music And Sports Telecasts

For the entertainment of your customers, you can have a good music system with all the latest tracks playing and a large screen television with all the current sporting events being showcased and so on. Any cafeteria that telecasts the latest sports tournaments and has the most happening music playing through the surround sound system will without a doubt be the hot favorite amongst the locals.

Paint The Walls With Vibrant Colours

A cafeteria should have an upbeat, bright and colorful décor. The best way to make your cafeteria colorful is by painting the walls with vibrant colors. Opt for cerulean blues, bright yellows, olive greens, pretty pinks or deep maroons. You can also alternate with colors between walls in your cafeteria. One wall can be dedicated to graffiti, and you can have professional graffiti artists come in and paint the wall. The graffiti walls with the vibrantly painted walls will make your cafeteria look young, happening and fabulous.

Make Sure Noise Control Devices Are Installed In The Cafeteria

The issue with cafeterias is that they can get extremely loud and noisy. The noise spreads and conversations on one table can be carried out onto other tables. Often cafeterias also face the issue of echoes. Opting for acoustic boards for walls, absorption foams, and other such products can help to keep the noise in your cafeteria under control. These cost-effective acoustic art panels will help in reducing echoes too. If your cafeteria has high ceilings, you can even get acoustic ceiling panels installed to keep the noise of the place in check. These absorption panels are available in a variety of different materials, colors, and patterns.

Comfortable Seating Arrangements Are Necessary

Comfortable seating arrangements are necessary if you want your cafeteria to be a huge hit. You need to get chairs that allow customers to sit comfortably for hours without causing a twitch in their spine. The tables that you install should also be at a comfortable height to the chairs so that customers can eat or work on their laptops or sip their beverages comfortably. You can also throw around some bean bags for customers to sit on while they watch the sports telecasts that your cafeteria airs.

Funky And Quirky Wall Stickers For The Cafeteria Walls

Another fun and quirky option for your cafeteria walls are wall stickers. You can get tons of animated, artistic, unique and fun wall stickers on many online portals. Cover up your walls with these awesome stickers to give your cafeteria a young and happening vibe. Nowadays, you can even get Portuguese tile print walk stickers that can be stuck like a border around your cafeteria walls. These bright and vibrant Portuguese tile stickers will give your cafeteria a Mediterranean charm. All the wall stickers are easy to paste, peel off and they are also sturdy enough to last for years on end without tearing.

Themed Cafeteria Décor

Having a themed cafeteria can also make your eatery a real hit amongst the locals. You can have a car or motorcycle themed cafeteria, a sports-themed cafeteria, an art-themed cafeteria and so on. The furniture and fixtures that you choose for your cafeteria will also have to be in sync with the theme that you opt for. For instance, if you have a car themed cafeteria, you can opt for booths that are shaped like car seats. If you have an art-themed cafeteria, make sure that your fixtures and décor items are artistic and uniquely designed. When selecting a theme for your cafeteria always opt for one that is classic and that never runs out of style.

Offer Free Refills In Your Cafeteria

While this may not exactly be a décor-related suggestion, it can make your cafeteria the most loved one in the city. Offer free refills of coffee, Coke, and other such items to your customers to keep them coming in repeatedly.

Big Windows And Natural Light Are Evergreen

Allowing natural light to flow into your cafeteria will give the place a positive, cheerful and uplifting vibe. You should install large French windows, floor to ceiling windows and other such options to allow the natural light to flow in. If your cafeteria is located in a sunny and tropical city, you can opt for frosted glass windows so that the strong rays of the sun don’t end up burning your cafeteria with scorching heat.

Inspirational Quotes Imbibed In The Décor

You can put up inspirational quotes painted on wooden frames, or you can get plates and tables and other items designed with inspirational quotes. When customers come to your cafeteria to work on their laptops, these inspirational quotes will make them feel encouraged to work harder and in a more dedicated way. Further, the inspirational quotes can also be uplifting and motivating for someone who's having a bad day and have just stopped by for a cup of coffee.

There you have it, simple, fun and creative ideas to transform your boring cafeteria into one of the most happening and popular ones on the block. Your guests and customers will fall in love with the new and quirky décor of your cafeteria and will keep coming to the place to hang out with friends and have a great time. These tips and suggestions are cost effective and won’t burn a hole through your pocket. You don’t even need to make too many structural changes to incorporate these unique and useful décor ideas.