Acoustical Panels

Owning a hotel is a significant responsibility. You need to make sure that the rooms at the hotel are designed in such a way that guests and visitors are tempted to come back. If you’re looking out for ways to remodel or spruce up your hotel’s rooms, we have a wide list of ideas for you. These tried and tested ideas have transformed the simplest of hotel rooms into fancy and fabulous ones. Here’s everything you need to know:

Install Art Work In The Rooms

Art can add class and sophistication to your hotel room décor. Depending on the type of furnishings you have put in the rooms, you can install lovely canvas paintings on the walls. Abstract art paintings, modern art paintings, still life paintings, nature paintings, and other such options are ideal. If you have a limited budget on the amount that you want to spend on the paintings, opt for paintings from local and budding artists as they will be far less expensive in comparison to paintings by senior and well-renowned artists.

Add An Accent Wall To The Hotel Room

Having all the walls of the rooms painted in a single color can make the rooms look dull, drab and boring. If you want to add a little bit of individuality and quirkiness to the walls, you should consider opting for an accent wall in each and every one of the rooms in your hotel. The design of the accent wall will differ from the design of the other walls in the room. You can paint the accent wall in a bright and captivating color. Alternatively, your accent wall can be made of an entirely different material from the other walls in the rooms and so on.

Add A Huge Headboard Behind The Bed

Another excellent way to spruce up the rooms in your hotel is by adding a large, captivating and comfortable headboard behind the bed. The headboard can be a soft cushion headboard, wooden headboard, an artfully designed headboard and so on. The large headboard will add character and charm to the room, and it will also give comfort to the guests who wish to sit upright in the bed and read a book or work on their laptops. When choosing a headboard, you can opt for one that is in complete contrast to the room décor so that it stands out.

Allow Natural Light To Flow Into The Room

Natural light is one thing that will make any hotel room look brighter, more cheerful and more welcoming. You need to allow the inflow of natural light to add charm and vitality to the rooms in your hotel. One way to make sure that natural light flows into your hotel room is by installing large sized windows or French windows in the rooms. If your hotel is a single story structure, you can also install skylights in the ceiling to let the light flow in. Don’t, however, forget to add curtains because your guests will want some shade from the bright afternoon sun while they catch a nap.

Minimalistic Décor Theme

One mistake that a lot of hotel owners make while decorating their hotel rooms is that they end up cramping the rooms with a lot of furniture and fixtures. Cramped hotel rooms only make customers feel claustrophobic and uncomfortable. You need to make sure that the hotel room feels spacious, roomy and open. The best way to do so is by opting for a minimalistic décor theme. Keep only those items of furniture that are required. A bed, a wardrobe, a desk or table an armchair and other such items are more than enough. Do away with the unnecessary furniture that is only eating up space in the room and making it look cramped and claustrophobic.

Install Wall Panels That Are Soundproof Or Noise Controlling

One major issue that most guests complain about is loud noises from neighboring rooms because of the thin walls of the hotel structure. This can now be avoided by installing wall panels that are noise controlling. There are several different varieties of noise absorption panels, acoustic baffles, acoustic absorption foam and other such items that can help in preventing noise from spreading from one room to another. These acoustic ceiling panels and acoustic felt wall panels are a cost-effective solution for noise control. The panels come in a plethora of colors, shapes, and sizes and can add a captivating charm to your hotel rooms too.

Rugs And Carpets For Your Hotel Rooms

Installing rugs and carpets in the rooms of your hotel is essential. These rugs and carpets will give the rooms a warm, homely and welcoming feel. No guest would like to walk barefoot on cold marble in the winter months. When selecting a single carpet for the entire room, make sure that you opt for a slightly darker color so that stains and spills can be handled easily and in a hassle-free way. You can put soft foot mats and rugs in the bathroom too for the comfort of your guests.

Bright And Colourful Tapestries For The Rooms

Bright, colorful and vibrant tapestries can add to the charm of the rooms in your hotel. You can get beautiful blue or purple pillow covers, baby pink or turquoise blankets, beautifully printed wall hanging tapestries and other such items.

Decorating or sprucing up hotel rooms to make them better than ever is very easy. A little bit of creativity while choosing and installing furniture and fixtures is enough to transform your simple and drab hotel rooms into fantastic and cozy ones. Follow the above-mentioned tips and suggestions to leave your guests impressed with the quality and charm of the rooms in your hotel. A hotel room should be designed in such a way that customers are tempted to come back and visit. With these fantastic suggestions, you will be able to get the hotel room to look like the ones that are taken straight out of a magazine.