The Art Of Decor For Luxurious Bedrooms Explained

If you have returned from a grand holiday to an untidy bedroom, you will yearn for plush mattresses, softer-than-a-feather pillows, and comfy, fluffy robes, but don’t ride off into the sunset again just yet. Bedrooms available in 5-star establishments may seem improbable and dreamy, but top designers say that luxury is all in the frame of the mind and it’s easy to achieve a luxurious serenity in the bedroom as well. Here’s how –

1. Wall Décor

Create an aesthetic, pleasing effect for the design of the bedroom. Unless you are aiming for an ultra-minimalistic outlook, white walls are more boring than luxurious. Amp up the elegant setting by adding colors, wallpaper or panels. Custom acoustic panels would be a compatible option where you can design your walls with a variety of combinations and colors to your heart’s desire. You can also go for 3d acoustic wall panels with basic 3D designs that would act as a sound absorber as well.

If you have a tight budget, you can go for pleasantly colored paint or stencils that could give a peaceful and calm outlook to your bedroom. Create the impression that you want.

2. Headboard

After a long, tiring day, when you finally slump into bed, you would focus on the ceiling for a little while. Rather than being simple, you could install a standout headboard to facilitate the glam factor of your bedroom. You could go for an expensive one but what you need to keep in mind is that it should have a notable feature. You could also install a group of ceiling mounted acoustic panels with fine-cut designs that allow light to pierce through creating a natural, relaxing effect.

3. Lighting

The entire look and feel of a space can be determined by lighting alone. Get hanging lighting like a beautiful chandelier to boost the glam factor and also for its practicality. To create statement lighting that’s oozing luxury, go for a wall fixture with a finish- be it gold, silver, crystal or glass. Get a dimmer that is easy to install to set the mood on your discretion. Ideally, the lighting should help you relax so try not to go for harsher lights like fluorescent ones.

4. Upholstery

Get an accent chair or a bench for your window nook to create a place where you can do a spot of reading or temporarily dump some clothes, and this would also act as a boutique feature boosting the elegance of the room. Install a rug made of wool or sisal that would add comfort and texture to the office. Change the mattress on the bed to a plusher one and get matching linens to boot. Choose a soft color palette when selecting the color scheme of your linens. Above all, try to choose soundproof fabric when it comes to the selection of material for your upholstery.

5. Pillows

Pillows are the first element of comfort that comes to mind when envisioning a luxurious bedroom. Nothing would further the idea of luxury more than plush, well-stuffed, designer pillows. Select throw-in pillows made of velvet, faux fur or silk to hike the splendor in the room. To avoid making the bed look overstuffed, make sure that the pillows don’t take up more than a quarter-length of the bed.

6. Nightstand/Bedtable

Do not let your nightstand be a conglomeration of essential items that lacks class. Skin creams, phone chargers, unfinished novels, hairbrushes; these are some of the things that would give a distasteful look if left clubbed together. Amend how it’s all displayed. Remember, you have to make space for a swanky nightlight so hide most of the things in a drawer and show the rest in a suave, concise tray.

You can also go for a nightstand with a mirror or shagreen finish or go for one with reflective hardware, like glass or crystal. This would add to the glitzy look and be practical as well.

7. Art

Art is meant to be displayed and seen, so it’s quite natural if you want to show a particular piece of art in your bedroom. Top interior designers say that just because a bedroom is your private space, the best parts of art need not be only displayed in the living room for only the guests to see. Go to a system where most of the artworks are distributed and strategically placed around the house while selecting a favorite for your bedroom to create maximum impact.

You could also go for installation art by choosing a Japanese style door which is a 2-part sliding door system. You can want to cloak a doorway or a storage area in an artful manner. This product also contributes towards auditory serenity.

Try decorative soundproofing by installing decorative soundproof wall panels and decorative acoustic ceiling panels.

8. Greenery

Flowers and various plants would enliven the appeal of your bedroom. Get semicircular installations on which you can hang ferns. Get a small flower vase for your nightstand to beautify that particular corner. You can also install topiaries or flower arrangements all around the bedroom. Flowers would also contribute to the quality of fragrance in the room and promote the aesthetic, comforting look.

Above all, make sure that the floors are empty of any trash or unnoticed clothes. You are trying to achieve a luxurious outlook, so you need to be pertinent and straightforward with cleanliness and promoting the liveliness of the room. Be symmetric as possible and create a look that would be the envy of your neighbors!