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A bedroom is much more than a combination of walls, doors, windows, and ceilings. It’s a place to relax after a busy day and a place to think of new ideas every morning. The presence of depth, function, meaning and human touch adds vitality to the bedroom, making it special for the room inhabitants. A beautifully designed bedroom acts as the foundation for strengthening the bond in a family.

An ideal bedroom must have the following attributes. These are closely interrelated in a few aspects.

1. Attractive design: A bedroom must be spacious, well furnished, nicely painted, airy and have all amenities to add comfort for residents.

2. Energy efficiency: The design should be such that there is maximized natural light in the daytime and natural air conditioning during climatic changes.

3. Environment-friendly: The bedroom must have windows and ventilators allowing residents to have a glimpse of the surrounding atmosphere. In this way they feel healthier, fitter, energetic, self-motivated, action-driven and close to their family members.

4. Good acoustics: Acoustics refers to sound absorption features in a room. A room with acoustic facilities will absorb the echo or reverberation of sound, which creates disturbances during the listening process.

Designing a room with attractive design and modern facilities

Modern bedrooms have many amenities apart from designer beds and eye-catching bed sheets. A closet placed near the top side of the bed helps to keep a few relevant things like spectacles, mobile, laptops, pens, writing pads, etc. just before going to sleep. The closet must have shelves with customized designs to accommodate such things comfortably. There should be space for keeping a night lamp required when one member needs to study or work at night, without disturbing the rest of the family.

Most of the people have Television sets in their bedrooms since they love to watch programmes before going to bed. The TV sets are mostly wall hanging sets so that they occupy less space and simultaneously add to room decorum. Wall hanging LCD’s or LED’s enable family members to watch and enjoy their favorite programmes together. Some bedrooms have home theatres for families to enjoy an excellent movie together.

Designing a new bedroom with acoustic capabilities

Since the bedroom is a place to share joys and troubles with family members, the acoustics of the room are quite important. Proper acoustics enable effective communication and message transmission between members.

The incorporation of acoustic ceilings in bedrooms mitigates all forms of sound disturbances within a room and does not let sound from one area disturb the room next. Such a thing is immensely helpful for family discussions in bedrooms, making members close and helping to understand each other in a better manner. Similar to ceilings, clients can adopt an acoustic floor insulation strategy by incorporating acoustic materials in floor design.

Walls built of acoustic fibers reduce reverberation of sound or echo, thereby improving listener’s comprehension and renders effective communication. Hence members find it easier to listen to each other and help out with their problems.

Designing an energy efficient bedroom

A room that maximizes the flow of natural light requires less electricity for lighting purpose. If the room design enables natural air ventilation and circulation, residents are less dependent on air conditioning devices. Hence, energy efficient homes reduce electricity bills. The design of an energy efficient bedroom will incorporate large windows and doors at strategic locations. During the daytime, natural light fills the room, and there is no need for artificial lighting devices. For designing energy efficient bedrooms, the builders install energy efficient devices like solar lights or lanterns.

Designing an environment-friendly bedroom

Residents can feel a lot healthier if they inhale fresh air every morning and during sleep. It is a good design initiative to have a window close to the head side. This allows residents to get the feel-good factor derived from natural scenes like trees or river views outside. An environment-friendly bedroom will enable residents to devote some time for nature viewing without disturbing their work or family time schedules.

Renovation measures

Every person wants a sophisticated bedroom for family, but renovation needs financial investment, which is a matter of concern. Contrary to popular notions, renovating a bedroom is not always a luxurious matter. There are many cost-effective renovation techniques to recreate the bedroom of your dreams. With the selection of the best fitting renovation strategy, the mundane living space transforms into a relaxing spot.

Renovation measures for improving room aesthetics

Designers can incorporate a visual masterpiece into the room, making the room functionally efficient and stylish at the same time. The ornamentation of a bedroom with paintings and sculptures helps to create a peaceful and lovely ambiance.

Renovation measures for improving energy efficiency factor

To make the room energy efficient, residents can replace the lights used before by energy efficient lighting systems like solar or LED lights. Also, they must check any new appliances for Energy star rating before purchasing them.

Renovation measures for improving room acoustics

Soundproofing of walls requires structural modifications. Residents can add acoustic foam wall panels to raise the acoustic quality of bedrooms. This investment is expensive and time taking. But it has its long-term benefits including improving speech clarity and listening ability of members.

Installing new curtains is an easier way to moderate the intensity of sound propagation and reverberation. Curtains with their attractive designs and shades provide privacy to your room. They also bring down the power of sunlight. Acoustic curtains over the windows make the morning time little more beautiful and hopeful with its fantastic soundproofing capabilities.

Renovation measures for improving the environment-friendly quotient of bedrooms

Bedrooms can be made environment-friendly by adding windows and ventilation devices or modifying their sizes suitably to maximize natural air flow. However, such measures are expensive and require shifting of bedroom material. There are a few simple ways to make rooms environment-friendly. Residents can articulate their rooms with flower vases. The fresh smell is salubrious and refreshes their mood, helping them to act positively in all conditions.