3d Wall Panels

Making your office stand out from the crowd becomes easy if you know where to start. You need not always spend a fortune to make your office impressive. It is all about your approach to refurbishing the office space. Here are 10 inspiring ways that will let you have an excellent modern office.

1. End permanent layout

Flexibility is the key to the modern office design trends. Ditch all traditional workspaces like cubicles and other permanent plans. Instead, opt for an ever-changing workspace concept. Modular components provide brilliant solutions for these. They can be moved and combined into innumerable combinations for building a dynamic workspace.

Unassigned sitting arrangements are a brilliant feature of the flexible office plan. People can seat anywhere they feel comfortable. This helps to build new teams and boosts up more human connections among the employees. They become more creative, and productivity also increases.

Flexible layouts also allow converting an office hall into a conference room and vice versa efficiently. This lets you change the set up as required, and also saves on space.

2. Also, open up space

No matter what is the size of your office, you can always go for an open office plan. Knockdown all partitions that create seclusion, and let the employees sit in a hall. At the most, you may build up table-high barriers to define different zones. This will let your employees more freedom to communicate, and they will work as a team.

3. Have everything on wheels

The most modern office design trends opt for having everything including, tables, chairs, desks, whiteboard, equipment, and devices, etc. on the wheels. In such layouts, power cables and cables for internet connection hang from the ceiling. The employees can freely move anywhere and get connected.

4. Create quiet areas

While the open office plan lets the employees work closely, it can also cause distractions sometimes. When many employees work together the noise generated can impair concentration. Building a quiet area can solve such problems balancing creativity and productivity.

Quiet areas can be built anywhere in the office where one can get away from the ambient noise. Put comfortable sitting arrangement in an enclosed place that has no access to phone calls. It should be illuminated with diffused lighting for creating a relaxing atmosphere. If there are provisions for more than one, then there should be partition walls.

5. Make them comfortable

Millennial employees work long hours with laptop and Smartphone. Arranging a comfortable sitting arrangement will help them become relaxed. You can have cozy sofas and bean chairs to make it look like a home away from home.

Infusion of home like ambiance allows people to de-stress quickly. When the employees are allowed to work from where they like, they become more productive.

6. Make them fit

Since most of the office jobs are now sedentary type, modern office design trend includes a gym. This is essential as only a healthy workforce can deliver the best. Onsite gym allows the employees to do workouts before and after the work. They can also do some light workouts during the recess.

Alternatively, you can also have a Yoga center. When your employees start doing yoga, they will be fit and will be able to concentrate better. Adding a game room is also a good idea. Your employees will get recharged when they play games, like table tennis, to break the monotony.

7. Have ergonomic workstations

Sitting for a long time gives rise to many health issues. The modern employers are now much concerned to keep their workforce healthy. That is why the modern offices are now using specially designed furniture.

These include ergonomic chairs that allow adjustment of height for providing the best lumbar support. Height adjustable desks are also excellent office furniture options for increasing productivity. This allows the employees to switch over from sitting to a standing position whenever they like.

Some offices also have exercise ball chairs that the employees may use part of the time. An employee sitting on this inflated ball can bounce up and down. Besides, sitting on the ball steadily also involves muscle power.

8. Create Break-out areas

Modern office trends honor the idea of taking a break from work to be more creative. That is why creating a breakout zone in the office is a prime requirement for modern office designs. This is an informal place where employees can go and relax over a cup of coffee. They can also share common issues and engage in informal brainstorming sessions.

Design such places funnily to make those attractive. In case there are space crunches, including a community table also helps employees to relax.

9. Improve d├ęcor with wall panels

Aesthetics lie at the core of the design philosophy. People working in a beautiful looking office are more likely to deliver their best. Pampering the office walls with decorative wall panels goes a long way in enhancing the environment. These are free from VOC, and as these are made from non-toxic, and non-allergic substances, they are safe to use.

You can get these in geometric shapes. These are impact resistant, durable and fire-safe. Using these you can also hide the blemishes on the walls. Their installation is also straightforward.

10. Damp noise with noise reduction wall panels

Modern offices are obvious examples of excess sounds. The acoustic absorption panels provide the perfect noise dampening materials for improving the office ambiance. These are available in plenty of varieties like Planner Collection, Flaps Collection, Stencil Collection, Cumulous Collection, etc.

These decorative acoustic wall panels have innovative designs and can also be used for defining the office zones. They are also available as hanging panels and can deliver the best noise dampening solution.


Only the best employees can help to win the competition. Modern office designs are, therefore, aimed at keeping the employees happy and healthy. The present-day white-collar employees demand flexibility and a favorable work environment. Creating a home-like-office stimulates the employees to be more creative and productive.