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Adding personality to the seminar and meeting rooms is essential in commercial places. The corporate field stands on the discussions and negotiations. Hence, it is necessary to make the discussion place efficient and elegant. Creating a personality to plain seminar and meeting halls helps in improving the standards and impression on the company.

Here are few ideas on how to add personality to the boring seminar and meeting rooms:

Acoustic ceiling products

Acoustic ceiling products are beautiful ceiling panels those which add elegance to the office. For business events like seminars and meetings, the place has to look classy. The acoustic ceiling products exactly do that. They make the seminar or meeting rooms look stylish and updated.

Acoustic ceiling products are not very new to the interior decoration industry. They have still sustained among all other new high-tech products with enhancement from year to year. Acoustic ceiling products are the functional ceiling that is perfect for any commercial purpose.

The acoustic ceiling is not just functional but also decorative. They not only add the feature to the room but also adds beauty and elegance that is required. They are available in various designs and styles with a variety of colors and materials.

Materials like thermoplastic add value to your room as they are durable. Other materials like metal, glass, stone, and wood are the popular choices. They are cost-efficient, affordable, high quality and easy to install. The selection of the acoustic ceiling will not let you down.

Color and material

The color of the room and the contents of the meeting and seminar room objects act an essential role in making the place interesting. Chose colors that suit the culture of your company. The materials used in the room have to speak about the quality of the company on your behalf.

Blend the color themes and the materials to give a unique look to the room. They help in softening the seriousness of the place. A charming looking room will not bore the members. Instead, it will keep them active and alert.

Acoustic panels

Seminar rooms and meeting rooms are the places where the serious discussions take place. Concentration and peace of mind have to be given at most importance. They help the members of the meeting to in making efficient and progressive decisions with clarity. To improve the efficiency the interior space and atmosphere have to be kept supportive.

Acoustic panels help in keeping the calmness and clear atmosphere of the room intact. The acoustic panels are made such that they maintain the required sound within the room. They not only effectively absorb the extra sounds and noise in the place but also clean the air in the room. In rooms like meeting and seminar hall, they act as mood walls as they improve the working mood of the members.

Acoustic panels are beautiful in their appeal. They are made to look very attractive to the clients and employees to make to rooms interesting. As the meetings and seminars can go for long hours keeping the place exciting and lively is essential. Acoustic panels exactly do that with its high-end functional features.

Acoustic panels are available in different forms as they are wall mountable and suspend from the ceiling too. They are customized products hence have to be designed according to the particular room they are going to be placed in. There is a large variety of colors, materials, and designs they are available in the market which helps you to build a beautiful wall or ceiling for formal rooms.

Soft and bright lightings

Choosing the right way of lighting the rooms is crucial when it comes to dangerous places like seminar or meeting rooms. Soft lightings and bright lights have their benefits and disadvantages of their own. Sometimes, soft lightings can doze off the members and sometimes, bright lightings become harsh in meetings rooms. Especially, when there is a requirement for showing presentations bright lightings becomes too severe.

So, first understand the purpose of the meeting or the seminar that is going to happen in the room and chose the lighting. When the conference or the workshop has to be comfortable and cozy, mainly for clients chose soft lightings. When the rooms are huge and require quite some participants then consider bright lightings. For projector usage, soft lightings are necessary.

Even the location of the room matters a lot in deciding the lightings. If the room already has natural light coming in, then let the natural light in and do not add more bright light. If the room does not have enough natural light then adding lighting is necessary.

Acoustic wall hangings

Wall hangings and ceiling hangings are not unheard interior decorations in the industry. They have been interior designers favorites due to their space saving and space softening nature. Hanging is an exciting concept as all that is required is a hook from the ceiling or on the wall. The already existing area is used to change the appeal of the room.

Acoustic wall hanging is an advanced type of the wall hangings used for interior decoration. They are made of soft materials, but unlike other hangings, they absorb the external sounds. Acoustic walls are sound absorbers, and there are also some acoustic wall hangings which refresh the air. They are the most required interior products for a seminar or meeting rooms.

Acoustic wall hangings are available in all kinds of materials. They are affordable, durable, reliable, easy to install and maintain. Acoustic wall hangings soften the serious and sophisticated look of the seminar or meeting rooms. Acoustic wall hangings are made out of soft material with strong essence to add functionality to the office.

Hence, acoustic wall hangings help in enhancing the look of the meeting and seminar rooms. They beautify the place, filter and refresh the air within the room.


Above are some exciting ideas on how to add personality to the boring seminar and meeting rooms. They are very affordable and efficient ideas to implement. So, apply the ones which suit your company culture.