3d Wall Panel Tiles

The number of people who love to go out to eat at restaurants has increased manifolds in today’s world. So, equally booming has been the restaurant and catering business. Restaurants and eating joints have mushroomed everywhere reaching out to the local markets and colonies. More and more people order food online. Thus, your restaurant has to do something extra to attract customers to the eatery. You have to pull them away from the competition to your place.

Here are some tips for reinventing the vibe of your restaurant by taking care of the visuals, audio, and services.


Make the customer walk into your restaurant doorway. Make it attractive, well lit, and tempting. Make sure that the name of the restaurant is visible and written beautifully. Use neon lights to highlight. Place some plants on either side of the doorway to give warmth to the place. See if you can create a theme on either side of the entrance.


Using the landscape and the type of cuisine you offer, create an ambiance for the customers. The first impact when a client walks in is important. People look at the place in one eye and sum up their views about the area.

Play some music, soft or fast, depending upon the locality and the age group you are targeting. Usually, soft instrumentals go in well and set the mood for the people waiting for their order to be delivered. But make sure to make the place soundproof to avoid internal sound going out and external noise creeping in to disturb. People like to converse, and outside noises can be disturbing like a din.

A perfect solution to the problem of noises and sounds is the use of acoustic sound absorbing wall panels or acoustic art panels.

Keep the place neat and clean. Organize the space well. The design of the table along with the cutlery being offered is another essential factor in creating the mood and the ambiance at any restaurant. Washed and ironed tablecloths, mats, and napkins are a must.


Setting up the ambiance is linked to the décor of your restaurant. Use elegant furnishing and tapestry. Hang soundproof curtains to absorb outside influences. You may also use acoustic wall hangings, acoustic wall fabric, or acoustic wall designs. These look beautiful and are of high quality. You also have a wide choice to choose from.

Place some flower arrangements on each table and blend it with the décor. Candle stands, colored pebbles and stones also blend well. Buy some noise reducing wall hangings for the walls. Place vases, candles, curious, etc. for a good look factor.


Have enough seating for people to eat as well as wait for their turn to get a table inside. You may need fabric wrapped acoustical wall panels to give privacy to individual tables. You can also use fiberglass acoustic panels which not only absorb sound but look very attractive. They are easy to clean as well and come in strong and subtle designs.

There are planar, cumulous, flaps, or stencils collection of acoustic panels to select from. These look gorgeous and go well with all decors. See that the height of the chairs is comfortable to sit on and eat. Keep some baby chairs for toddlers who visit your restaurant. A combination of sofas and high chairs go well in diners.

Do up the bar as well. Display the drinks that you offer. Hang washed and dry glasses or place them neatly on the shelves. Put barstools for people to sit on. Alternatively, you could have sofas and loungers with tables before them. Have it well lit. Use fabric wrapped acoustical wall panels or acoustic art panels to do up the area. Use the walls for large displays suitable for a bar.


No restaurant will do well if the cuisine served is not up to the mark. Create a strong vibe in the restaurant with good aromas floating out of the kitchen. Serve food which is fresh, tasty, and authentic. Ask the chef to come out once in a while and greet the clients. They will enjoy the food even more and connect well with your restaurant.


Make efforts in all areas of the décor, the ambiance, the food, the seating, etc. But a crucial factor that gives out warm and positive vibes to the clients is the service provided. The hospitality and warmth of the staff in the way they greet the customers, take the orders, serve the food, and see them off is very important. People connect well with the restaurant if the staff is polite, well groomed, and prompt. Serving well at the table creates a strong impression on the mind. Make the staff wear clean uniforms.

Positive Energy

Create positive energy in your restaurant. Keep it clean. Use appropriate room fresheners and fragrances. But, take care of using incense, and strong perfume dispensers as many people may be allergic to them. Mildly scented candles may be a good bet. A tinkling of a bell at the doorway when someone enters or leaves the restaurant is a great idea for good vibes.

People go out to eat because they want a change in cuisine and they want to be waited upon and fed delicious food. Take their feedback and work on it. Go the extra step to cater to their whims, and they will be back for more.