Acoustic Baffles

An office is more than just a cabin, a room, or a building. It’s where you get human resources to deliver high-quality products and services for the growth of the organization. And it is the responsibility of the bosses or owners to make that workspace a wow experience for the employees. They need to be compensated in terms other than money for all their efforts for you.

Ensure that your office is functional and up to date with gadgets, machines, and equipment for work. And also that it’s a place where your employees enter and feel the wow factor. This is important to motivate them to put up their best efforts and keep them happy too.

Wow Work Stations

Nobody likes to work in dark, dingy, stuffy, and uncomfortable workstations. Provide comfortable desks and chairs to work. Have individual cabins if possible. Contrary to popular belief, productivity and collaboration drop-in open plan offices. Employees work much better when they get that private space to concentrate.

You can also use alternatives like fiberglass acoustic panels or acoustic art panels for partitioning the workstations. There is a wide choice of partitions, shields, buffers available in the market. These are soundproof and provide the privacy needed. They look attractive too. Most of the workstations can be fixed ones, but you can also provide for movable ones. These will be a sure hit with employees.

Arrange for a world-class training room as well. It should have all the facilities for online and offline training, conferences, meetings, seminars, and w.orkshops. Perfect acoustic systems should be in place. Make this room sound proof by using fiberglass acoustic panels or acoustic art panels. In fact, have a couple of meeting rooms or cubicles divided by wall panels where colleagues can collaborate for effective produc.tivity.

Functional Office Equipment

The office equipment should be useful. Maintain the computers, projectors, printers, screens, shredders, and copiers, etc. well. Dysfunctional machinery is frustrating for the employees. It also wastes a lot of effort and time in the office. Non-functional machinery will cause more expenditure in the long run if not attended to at once. Simple machines like staplers, scissors, punches, etc. also contribute to the wow factor.

The office communication systems like the telephones, the fax machines, etc. should be in proper working condition. Place them so that they are easily accessible to all. Too many permissions and processes are a dampener and hindrance to work.

No office can function well without an excellent internet connection. Ensure fast speed and sufficient data usage. You can’t do without it anymore. Place firewalls in some sites if needed, but easy access to all employees will sure get that wow from them. They will appreciate this basic necessity in today’s world.

Be prompt in dealing with repairs and upgrades to the office. Delay in repairs means a loss in business. Wobbly, squeaking and broken furniture have to be replaced as soon as possible.

Recreational Facilities

Facilities regarding modern office equipment are not sufficient. Employees need to take breaks in between for relaxation. This will increase productivity and focus on work. Have a lounge with comfortable sofas or recliners. Make a state-of-the-art office gymnasium for them to work out before or after office hours. Fix acoustic wall panels for gymnasiums to soundproof the room. They will look forward to coming to office. A Table tennis table or provisions for indoor games like carom are also useful to go. A reading room is also a good investment for small breaks.

Washrooms should be neat, clean, and hygienic. Have them done up well with antiskid floor tiles, pretty sanitary fittings, beautiful tiles, etc.

Similarly, if there is a kitchen or pantry in the office, do it up well. Don’t compromise on the hygiene and cleanliness of this area. Make it into an organic kitchen with adequate dining space if possible. Fix acoustic art panels or fiberglass acoustic panels to separate the kitchen and dining area. This looks pretty and keeps the chatty noise of employees enjoying their break down.

Adequate Lighting

Offices are flooded with monitors, projection screens, and other such surfaces. Poor lighting can harm the eyes as well as give a disturbed vision of these. It is essential o have adequate lights in the office. Look into options of:

  • natural sunlight coming in as much as possible

  • focused or directional lights on work tables

  • soft or diffused overhead lighting to avoid harsh glares

  • requirement based custom light fixtures at strategic points


Aesthetic Décor

The look and feel of the place, when the employees walk into an office, make their day. A functional office with pleasing décor does wonders. After all, they spend most of the day at the office, so they need to work in a place that is neat, clean, well organized, and good to look at. Shabby furniture, torn furnishings, dirty windows, and shelves are a put-off. Decorate the walls or wood panels with soundproof wall hangings to bring in some color.

Hang pretty and colorful soundproof curtains to brighten up the place. Fix soundproof tiles on the floors to keep the noise levels down. This will also serve the purpose of drowning out the unwanted external noise and buffer internal noise from leaking out to disturb co-workers. Wall paneling also looks classy and is easy to install and maintain.

Connect with Nature

Have colorful flower arrangements in various places. Place bright ceramic pots with plants.

Sound Proofing

It is essential to have a peaceful atmosphere for the employees to concentrate on their work. A noisy place with a din is not acceptable. You need to keep away external sounds from entering the office and also not allow internal sounds to disturb co-workers and outsiders. Use acoustic wall panels decorative in style and available in many choices. You also have the option of soundproof paint and soundproof curtains. Acoustic Skies and Tactio designs can be used for the ceilings. These are decorative and effective. If there is some part of the office in the basement, then try the soundproof basement solutions to remove the echo as well.

Look into this issue and work towards them without compromises. Make your employees look forward to coming to office. Let them walk into the wow office. Sit back and relax as your business is in the hands of happy and contented workers.