Custom Wall Panels

You often get away for a break to near and far off places in search of a change. Along with that change you look for a beautiful, luxurious hotel room with comforts. Why come back to a drab and dull bedroom in your house? Read on to upgrade your bedroom to resemble a luxurious hotel room and enjoy your holidays there.


Even though the family needs to be connected, most people would prefer a soundproof bedroom. All family members enjoy their privacy while listening to music, watching favorite shows or movies, etc. The best solution related to the walls is residential acoustic panels which are cost-effective, quality controlled and available designs in large Variety of colors to choose from. You can go in for acoustic wall panels decorative in style, acoustic wood panels, acoustic wall fabric, or acoustic wall designs. These will brighten up your bedroom and make it soundproof.

Try the do it yourself acoustic wall panels which are easy to install and maintain. You can also hang some acoustic wall hangings on the walls or the panels. These wall panels can be subtle or strong, central or sidelined, but are sure to grab everyone’s attention with their look and feel. Alternately, you can give a dash of designer paint to one wall for that classy effect.


Since the bedroom is the most frequented place in the house, it must be done up well. Make it look stylish and classy. Fix acoustic wood panels for that luxurious look of a hotel. You can also fix bright ceramic tiles in hues of your choice. These are easy to clean and durable; and make the bedroom look spacious and grand.


A luxury hotel room will provide for the minimum, but useful furniture in a bedroom. At home, we require more than just the bed in the bedroom. The bed takes center stage and grabs your attention. Place beds with a grand headrest and matching bedside tables. A chest of drawers, a cabinet, and a TV wall unit are the necessities. Fix a bookshelf or two for your favorite reading material.

Take care not to overcrowd the room. You love the hotel bedroom because it has a lot of openness in it. Make your bedroom like that. You may also want to place a comfortable armchair or a stool to sit and relax in. Cater for a writing desk as well, or you’ll end up crumpling the beautiful bedspread the whole day by sitting on the bed and working on it.


Duvets and comforters attract your eye the moment you enter a hotel room. Buy them as per your budget, but blend them well with the color or theme of your bedroom. Take care to go in for one color only. There is nothing better than a comfortable mattress, pillows, and a comforter to make you sleep like a baby at night. Go for it. Indulge yourself in this luxury. Hang soundproof curtains for that privacy.


The right lighting can set or change your mood. Bring in natural light during the day and draw the beautiful soundproof curtains at night. Place your favorite lamps on the bedside tables. Use them for reading at night without disturbing your partner. Get touch lamps if you can. Arrange for a night light. A small chandelier can add glitter to the bedroom, but avoid big ones. Avoid placing lights above the head as these may cause discomfort like headaches and may also pinch the eye.

Make use of remote control buttons for the lights, fans, and cooling/heating machines. Light sensors can be fixed to adjust the lighting according to the weather and daylight conditions. Buy modular switches that blend well with the décor.


Usually, hotel rooms will not provide for the opening of windows for fresh air. But your bedroom at home needs that ventilation. Open out the windows during the day and night as much as you can. Try to fix a split room air conditioner and reclaim your windows. Let those soundproof curtains flow gently with the breeze and give you that dreamy effect in the bedroom. The acoustic wood panels, acoustic wall fabric, and acoustic wall designs will keep your room fresh, looking spacious, and well ventilated.


Storage is the main issue in most homes. The bedroom needs lots of it. Most people will not have the luxury of having walk-in closets or huge wardrobes as in a hotel room. But, you can manage space well. Buy beds with storage drawers, fix wall shelves, have the floor to ceiling wardrobes with a loft if possible. Bedroom organizers and cupboard organizers are easily available these days. Use wall fabric, and acoustic wall designs as panels to the woodwork.

Dressing Area

In case you don’t have a separate dressing area with your bedroom, fix a full-length mirror against the acoustic wood panels. Keep your cosmetics behind the mirror or on wall shelves. Avoid the mirror directly reflecting your beds. You can even fix the mirror on the inside of the wardrobe.


Accessorize your bedroom, but keep it minimal. Remember what pleases you most in a hotel bedroom. Beautiful wall hangings, paintings, a pretty wall clock, and maybe that’s all. Go in for acoustic wall hangings and some family photographs for near and dear memories. Place some flower arrangement on the cabinet or TV wall unit. The acoustic wall fabric or the acoustic wall designs that you may have used reduce the need for extra accessories for decoration. But, remember to add a dash of color to the room. Fix the TV to the acoustic wood panels inside your TV unit to save space. Give it a colored frame.

Enjoy the luxurious looks and feel of a hotel bedroom right inside your house. Upgrade your bedroom. Throw away the clutter; bring in the modern, the artistic, and the beautiful. Try the kits for do it yourself acoustic wall panels and the residential acoustic panels. Add utility and beauty to the room and sleep in your dreamland in luxury.