3d Wall Panels

An office has to be inspiring for maximum output. This is possible when the office design is motivating. The interior decor themes are always changing with time. Frequent change of office decor also may not be possible. Here are some decorating tips that are not likely to go out of trend.

1. Have a warm and welcoming reception area

The reception area is where your customers and visitors come first. Adorning this area with your business logo will help display the brand image. Also, present your beliefs and objectives so that people may know about you and your mission and vision. Place comfortable sitting arrangement with area rugs for making it warm, and welcoming.

2. Introduce open office plan

Demolish all cubicles as these cause isolation and gives rise to stress. On the other hand, an open office sitting is more functional and yields better results. Here, the employees can share, cooperate, and work as a team.

You can also create work zones to strike a balance between privacy and collaboration. Thus, your employees will have the options to work individually, or in tandem. This will go a long way in improving the work quality.

3. Make the workplace unconventional

None could think about working from corridors, nooks, or open spaces a decade ago. But, technology has made this possible, as people now work with laptops or tablets. The present office design is employee oriented and prefers employees to work from where they like. This flexible arrangement is sure to make a great impact for long.

4. Create a homelike ambiance

Present employees have to spend more than half of their active life in the office. For this, the millennial generation prefers homelike ambiance in the office. Now traditional sitting arrangements are replaced with comfortable sofa and bean chairs. This makes the office like a living place and motivates the people to work more efficiently.

5. A breakout area is a must

Majority of the present day employees stay glued to their sit constantly staring at the monitor. A breakout area allows them to be away from the work zone for a while and relax. When they discuss informally here, it turns into a brainstorming zone and lifts up productivity. This is a vital decor element that will pass the taste of time.

6. A quiet room lets people focus

A quiet room in the office helps the employees to know their inner self. This should be a place free from clutter and without bright light. It is better to fill the room with soft music and light reading material. This acts as a restorative oasis for the employees and helps them to work with more concentration.

7. Bring in more natural light

When plenty of natural light comes in an office, it delivers a congenial ambiance to productivity. Arrange to keep windows and skylights open for an abundance of sunlight in the office. Harvesting sunlight will make the employees happy and also make the office energy efficient. If there are constraints to do so, then invest in lights that mimic daylight.

Using zonal and indirect lighting also lift up the office ambiance. Plenty of LCD lights are available in the market. These can also be used for making the office more efficient.

8. Integrate technologies

Millennial employees are out-and-out tech savvy, and technology is fueling the modern office decoration. Workplaces with advanced technologies like Wi-Fi, multimedia facility and charging devices for iPhones are in high demand. With increased dependence on technology, such things will play a vital role in office design for many years.

9. Dynamic designs are great

When you have a flexible office design, you can change the setting in practically no time. Using modular furniture gives the freedom to transform the meeting room into a place for office parties. You can also do it the other way round, and such moveable furniture and partitions allow smooth transformation. With appropriate lighting, this will make your office suitable for any purpose.

10. Introducing colors

Colors affect us psychologically and have a great influence on our mood and activities. Studies reveal that peoples exposed to different colors show different responses. Choosing the right color is a vital element of office decoration that will undoubtedly be the trend for long.

Colors like blue and green help to improve efficiency and blue make people clam. Shades of orange and yellow make one energetic and optimistic. The designers are now using combined color palettes for making the office more productive.

11. Arranging accidental meeting

Accidental collisions are vital for establishing an office more efficient and productive. Architectures are so designing the office that the employees are likely to run into each other. Such unexpected meetings create more opportunities for collaboration between the most unlikely employees.

12. Paneling walls is a great option

Walls are a vast canvas, and an office with blank and dull walls look unattractive. Paneling, the office interior with 3D wall panels, is the current office design trend. Made from recyclable environment-friendly material these deliver warm and soothing environment. Complying with the building fire codes, these decor acoustic panels are safe to use in the office.

These acoustic boards for walls are available in a plethora of designs and textures to meet different decor needs. These impact resistant and shock absorbent panels do not fade and are highly durable. Other than installing on the walls, you may use these hanging from the ceiling. These also work great as a divider screen in the open office arrangement.

Made from natural products, these noise absorbing wall panels are great for dampening the noise level in the office. When people work in groups, there is always noise generation in the office. Having a Noise Reduction coefficient of 0.45 to 0.90, these absorb most of the sound generated and prevent reverberation.


Office decor ideas are the most dynamic. The trend of today may be out in the next month. It is, therefore, better to go for what is simple and suitable. This will let you have an office design that will stay updated for a long time.