Acoustical Panels

“In a retail business, you are serving humans at the end of the day.”

The ultimate challenge of a retail store is to deliver memorable customer experience. It is not that customer will always buy; they come to gain inspiration and experience. If the retail stores have top-notch materials but cannot attract customers, it will never see success. On the other hand, when customers get entertainment visiting a store, the experience brings them back.

What the Retail Store Layouts about?

Retail Store Layouts mean strategic utilization of space for generating favorable customer experience. Its main concern is to influence the customer interaction with the items and create value. There are two components to consider; floor plan and the customer flow. Other than these, signage and exterior decoration also influence customer movement.

Once you learn about customer’s movement in the stores, it is possible to influence their behavior. To emphasize your products use the floor space cleverly for maximum buying response. Most of the customers turn right when they enter a retail store. Your layout should, therefore, help clockwise navigation.

Space next to the entrance is the transition zone in a retail store. This space is very vital for familiarization with the new environment. Adorn the space with lighting, visuals, fragrances, and soft music. This will help the customer to move into the retail store with a free mind.

Here are some guidelines on retails stores layout for impressing the visitors to increase the sales per square foot.

Straight Layout

The straight store layout is simple but an excellent store layout for most of the retail stores. It is the most basic plan and economical as well. Following this plan, you can use the walls and other fixtures and create more space. It helps customers drag the goods.

Grid Layout

Most of the pharmacy and grocery stores use this familiar layout. Goods are displayed in a pattern, and a customer can browse while they move through the aisle. The excellent thing about this is that it maximizes product display. Inventory control becomes easy due to a uniform pattern, and it creates a seamless customer experience.

Diagonal Layout

As the name suggests, it uses diagonally placed displays for better movement on the floor. It increases the visibility of the merchandise as the customers move like open traffic. In this plan, the customers are guided to the checkout area through the display aisle. This is also an excellent floor plan for retail stores that involve self-service.

Angular layout

This floor plan involves rounded merchandise display and works best when there are curved walls and corners. With curved displays and soft angles, it entails better traffic movement through the stores. This layout works best for the specialty stores with high-end items. In spite of sacrificing space utilization, this generates unique customer perception.

Geometric layout

It involves the use of racks and fixtures for creating an artistic expression. You can use the support columns and the ceiling for the best implementation of this layout. This plan targets the millennial and the next-gen demographic. It enhances customer experiences and works excellent for clothing and apparel retail stores.

Mixed layout

It combines the design elements of different retail stores layouts to deliver the most functional arrangement. Concepts like straight, diagonal, angular, geometric, etc. are beautifully blended in this for imparting a dynamic flow. This guides the customers towards the back through the display and to the checkout area. Although works well for all types of retailers, this is mostly used in large departmental stores.

Forced-Path Layout

This retail stores layout intelligently influence the customer to follow a fixed route through the stores. In this plan, every aisle is utilized to the maximum, and the customers are exposed to the items. As the customer flow is unidirectional, the customers are enticed to make unplanned purchases. It is an excellent way to influence increases in overall sales.

Loop Layout

This floor plan guides customers from the entrance, leading through the displays and ultimately to the checkout area. In these layouts, the floor is painted to mark different loops. Visuals, focal points, and lighting are also used to highlight the loop. This plan works well when combined with another style.

Some essential points

Lighting plays an important role in retails stores and, therefore, the items should be illuminated for a better display. For the most favorable customer experience, similar items must be grouped. While displaying items apply the rule of three principles and display three things together for better customer interaction. Thinking vertically will give you more space and a better layout.

Reducing noise creates a better ambiance

With continuous focuses on interior decoration, the retail stores are now visually appealing. Large numbers of customers visit retail stores every day causing noise pollution. Other than a good layout, reduction of noise level is necessary for seamless customer experience. This needs the use of the noise reduction panels in the retail stores.

The acoustic absorption panels come in the form of modular tiles. These are easily installable and are available in many collections including

  • Planar Collection
  • Stencil Collection
  • Tactio Collection
  • Bumps
  • Buffer


These bespoke acoustic wall panels can be used in many ways. They can be added to the walls, fixtures, and ceiling. You can also use them hanging from the ceiling for noise reduction. They dampen the noise level and also help to define the zonal areas.

The great thing about this acoustic partition wall is that they are impact resistant and shock absorbent. Using this you get a fire rated panel that conforms to ASTM E84. These panels are non-hygroscopic, durable and environment-friendly. These put you in a win-win situation. Other than improving the decor, this creates a great ambiance.


If you wonder if these guidelines apply to a small business, yes, they do! Maybe your customer flow is less, and you have limited items. Still building customer impression is of paramount importance. Following these guidelines, you will able to show the customers what you want them to see.