Gymnasiums are the venue of day to day fitness classes, personal training events, and sometimes special events. It is a place where a significant number of people come on daily basis. Due to such the hustle and bustle, whistling sound of a personal trainer, music sound, as well as moving sound of fitness equipment produces noise throughout the surrounding to a great extent. Moreover, if a gym is located in any residential area, it is most probable that complaints are going to be filed against the gym for generating unbearable sounds.

This is not just about the society but such unbearable sounds also make communication in the gym difficult. The problem with the gyms is that the sound produced within the gym bounces off the walls, floors and also the ceiling thus making the whole surrounding noisy. Usually, the setting of gyms consists of large open spaces, empty walls, whistling or shouting coaches, bouncing balls, and more. All these properties make the gym to suffer from bad acoustics thus making the sound to bounce back to create noise inside as gym as well as outside the gym equally.

Soundproofing Gymnasium Walls

The question is what can be done to prevent the inside noise from going out and disturb the surrounding. Soundproofing is the method with which the same can be achieved. For preventing your gym from producing noise it is important to make the walls of the gymnasium soundproof. By soundproofing the gyms, echoes can be captured and converted out of the gym thus resulting in greater quality, the lower noise of the crowd and friendly space where everyone can enjoy the fitness session. Soundproofing simply isolates the air and structure of gym so that the sound energy cannot transmit through the building.

Categories of Soundproofing

There are different categories of soundproofing and the type of soundproofing to be applied to the gym depends upon the type of sound being transmitted through the gym walls, ceilings, or the floor. Different types of fixtures that need to be implemented in the structure of the gym for soundproofing include:

Enhancement in Airborne sound isolation:

In this type of soundproofing all the air leaks in the floor, walls, ceilings, electrical boxes, doors and light boxes, cooling, and heating vents need to be fixed.

Improvement in isolation of structural sound:

By damping and decoupling ceilings, walls, floor assemblies with the help of stud isolators, resilient channels, and elastomeric sheetrock glue structural soundproofing can be achieved. Additionally, underlayment can also be used under the floors.

Adding the structural mass:

Soundproof can be performed by adding the sheetrock layers as well as by giving slightly denser framing to the floor, walls, ceiling.

Sound Absorbing Wall Panels - Easy Sound Proofing Solutions

All the above-listed solutions of soundproofing need you to perform some construction or remodeling work. If you are not interested in any time-consuming methods and need an easy fix, sound absorbing wall panels are the right solution. These panels act as the perfect solutions that perfectly dampen the sound produced inside the gyms. You can find a wide variety of sound absorbing panels for walls in a large number of styles, colors, designs, wrapping, and even more. They not only make your gym soundproof but also add a decorative element to the whole surrounding.

Core Benefits of Sound Absorbing Wall Panels

There are countless benefits of using these wall panels over other constructive solutions that may not only consume your quality time but will also cost you larger amount to address your noisy gym. Let’s have a look at major advantages offered by these acoustical panels for walls.

Outstanding Performance

One of the major benefits of these panels is that they offer highest level acoustical performance when it comes to their sound absorbing properties. They just absorb the inside sound within them thus not only preventing noise to go out of the gym but also preventing bouncing back of the sound. That ultimately improves the internal communication and environment of the gym.

Environmentally Friendly Solution

All varieties of acoustical panels designed and manufactured by CSI Soundcore® are completely recyclable. They have been manufactured using VOC free material and are also non-allergic and non-toxic. Hence these innovative solutions are not only environmentally friendly but people friendly as well.

Weather Resistant Properties

Another important benefit of these wall panels is that they are completely weatherproof. They will not lose their quality, color or texture at all even if they are being exposed to water, sunlight, cold weather. They are non-hygroscopic thus will not get deteriorated by changes in weather conditions.

Fire Safe Solution for Gymnasiums

All such products designed by CSI Soundcore® comply with all the building fire codes with a rating of class A. It means they are completely fire safe and don’t help worsen the condition in case of any fire hazards or accidents. This advantage of sound acoustical wall panels makes them one of the safest solutions for the gyms.

Long-lasting Power

Durability is another important benefit of these panels. You would definitely not want such a solution for your gym that will work for short term. So, they are impact resistant as well as the shock absorbent. These features add years to the life of these panels. Upon getting these installed you can rest assured that you have a long-lasting soundproofing solution for your gym.

Readily Installable

Quick and easy installation is possible using these soundproof wall panels. Usually, for attaining the same results, the construction work that is required may take a significant number of days while also putting a halt on the day to day schedule of your gym. But with these panels, it’s just a work of a few hours in a day and you can have a perfectly soundproof gym ready for you without any burdensome construction work.

All these benefits of acoustic wall panels make those the ideal choice for any gymnasium settings. A large number of gyms and commercial spaces are opting these panels for better acoustics as well as looks.